Angel’s trumpet Datura metel, from here.

Belongs within: Solanoideae.

Datura, the thorn apples or jimson weeds, is a genus of mostly herbaceous plants with spiny fruits. Some species are agriculturally significant due to their high toxicity to livestock.

    |--‘Iochroma’ cardenasianumOB08
    |--Brugmansia Persoon 1805OB08, L95
    |    |--B. aureaOB08
    |    |--B. × candida Pers. 1805 [=Datura candida (Pers.) Safford 1921; incl. D. arborea Ruiz & Pavón 1799 (preoc.)]L95
    |    |--B. sanguineaOB08
    |    |--B. suaveolens (Willd.) Bercht. & Presl 1823 [=Datura suaveolens H. & B. ex Willd. 1809]L95
    |    `--B. versicolorL95
    `--Datura L. 1753L95
         |--‘Brugmansia’ arboreaBR65
         |--D. discolorD51
         |--D. feroxH06
         |--D. inoxia Miller 1768L95 [incl. D. meteloidesH93]
         |--D. leichhardtiiM99
         |--D. metel L. 1753 [incl. D. fastuosa L. 1759]L95
         |--D. quercifoliaD51
         |--D. stramonium L. 1753L95 [incl. D. stramonium var. tatulaH93]
         `--D. wrightiiH93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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