Delessaria sanguinea, copyright Rita Jansen.

Belongs within: Delesseriaceae.

The Delesserieae are delesseriaceous red algae in which intercalary cell divisions are absent from primary cell rows but present in second- and higher-order cell rows, and procarps are monocarpogonial (Lin et al. 2001).

    |--HeteroglossumW01 [incl. YamadaphycusLHK01]
    |--Apoglossum Agardh 1898W03
    |    |--*A. ruscifolium (Turner) Agardh 1898 [=Delesseria ruscifolia]W03
    |    |--A. gregarium (Dawson) Wynne 1985W03
    |    |--A. minimum Yamada 1944W03
    |    |--A. montagneanum Agardh 1898L27
    |    |--A. oppositifolium (Hooker & Harvey) Agardh 1898L27
    |    |--A. spathulatum (Sonder) Womersley & Shepley 1982 (see below for synonymy)W03
    |    `--A. unguiculescens Millar 1990W03
    `--Delesseria Lamouroux 1813W03
         |--*D. sanguineaLHK01
         |--D. alata [=D. (Pteridium) alata; incl. D. angustissima]G64
         |--D. crassinervia Montagne 1842W03
         |--D. crispaW03
         |--D. decipiens Agardh 1872 [=Apoglossum decipiens]S57
         |--D. involvensH04
         |--D. lacepedeana Reinbold 1898 [=Hypoglossum lacepediana (Reinbold) Lucas 1929]W03
         |--D. lancifolia Agardh 1872 [=D. (Paraglossum) lancifolia (Hooker & Harvey) Agardh 1898]L27
         |--D. nereifolia Hooker & Harvey 1855L27
         |--D. papenfussiiLHK01
         |--D. quercifolia Bory de Saint-Vincent 1828BS-V28
         `--D. serrulata Harvey 1857 [=D. violacea Agardh 1872]W03

Apoglossum spathulatum (Sonder) Womersley & Shepley 1982 [=Delesseria spathulata Sonder 1845, Hypoglossum spathulatum (Sonder) Kützing 1849; incl. D. tasmanica Mueller ex Harvey 1859, Apoglossum tasmanicum (Mueller) Agardh 1898]W03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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