Delphax collina, copyright Gernot Kunz.

Belongs within: Auchenorrhyncha.

The Delphacidae are a group of planthoppers, characterised by the presence of a large movable spur at the apex of the hind tibia, that mostly feed on monocots (Carver et al. 1991). Many species exhibit intraspecific dimorphism with both macropterous and brachypterous forms occurring in a population. Some are significant agricultural pests and may act as vectors for viral diseases. These include the sugarcane planthopper Perkinsiella saccharicida and the brown planthopper Nilaparvata lugens.

<==Delphacidae [Araeopidae, Asiracidae]
    |–Asiraca Latreille 1802 L02 [Asiracinae CGW91]
    |    |–A. clavicornis [=Delphax clavicornis] L02
    |    |–A. crassicornis [=Delphax crassicornis] L02
    |    `–A. longicornis [=Delphax longicornis] L02
    `–Delphacini [Delphacinae] CGW91
         |–Toya drope GF13, K89
         |–Sardia GF13
         |    |–S. pluto (Kirkaldy 1906) K08 [=Hadeodelphax pluto K08, S. rostrata pluto MC13]
         |    `–S. rostrata MC13
         `–Delphax H01
              |–D. collina H01
              |–D. disonymos Kirkaldy 1907 K08
              |–D. dryope Kirkaldy 1907 K08
              |–D. eupompe Kirkaldy 1907 K08
              |–D. flaveola H01
              |–D. limbata G20
              |–D. matanitu Kirkaldy 1907 K08
              |–D. ochrias Kirkaldy 1907 K08
              |–D. pellucida H01
              |–D. puella K08
              `–D. striatella H01

Delphacidae incertae sedis:
  Conomelus anceps A71
  Neopunana saba E02
  Eumetopina flavipes MHG04
  Notuchus larvalis RH88
  Nesodyne O94
  Sogata BM76
    |–S. furcifera BM76
    `–S. orizicola AS07
  Sulix M83
    |–S. insecutor M83
    `–S. tasmani (Muir 1923) H82
  Alohini F62
    |–Nesothoe F62
    |–Nesodryas laocoon F62
    `–Nesorthia Fennah 1962 F62
         `–*N. paronychiae Fennah 1962 F62
  Nilaparvata lugens K91
  Javesella K91
    |–J. dubia K91
    `–J. pellucida K91
  Sogatella K91
    |–S. furcifera K91
    `–S. kolophon K91
  Ugyops K08
    |–U. kinbergi E02
    `–U. vitiensis Kirkaldy 1907 K08
  Melanesia pacifica Kirkaldy 1907 [incl. M. pacifica var. strigata Kirkaldy 1907] K08
  Peregrinus maidis K08
  Dicranotropis K08
    |–D. anderida Kirkaldy 1907 K08
    |–D. flavipes H01
    |–D. koebelei Kirkaldy 1906 K08
    `–D. muiri A71
  Perkinsiella Kirkaldy 1903 DFP08
    |–P. pseudomaidis Kirkaldy 1906 K08
    |–P. saccharicida Kirkaldy 1903 DFP08
    |–P. vastatrix B88
    `–P. vitiensis Kirkaldy 1906 K08
  Stenocranus pacificus Kirkaldy 1907 K08
  Megamelus proserpina Kirkaldy 1907 K08
  Delphacodes striatella WEE70

*Type species of generic name indicated


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