Demetrida longicollis, from Brisbane Insects.

Belongs within: Lebiini.

Demetrida is a genus of Australasian ground beetles characterised by dorsally pubescent tarsi with long lobes on the fourth segment and several long teeth on the tarsal claw, and a joined, rounded-truncate ligula and paraglossae. The large southeastern Australian species D. grandis and D. vittata have yellow elytra longitudinally striped with black (Britton 1970).

<==Demetrida White 1846 [incl. Xanthophoea Chaudoir 1848]LM87
|--*D. lineella White 1846LM87
|--D. angulata Darlington 1968LM87
|--D. angusticollis (Macleay 1864) [=Cymindis angusticollis]LM87
|--D. angustula (Chaudoir 1872) [=Xanthophaea angustula]LM87
|--D. apicalis (Sloane 1917) [=Xanthophaea apicalis]LM87
|--D. brachinodera (Chaudoir 1852) [=Demetrias brachinoderus; incl. Xanthophaea pallida Olliff 1885]LM87
|--D. carteri (Sloane 1923) [=Xanthophaea carteri]LM87
|--D. chaudoiri (Macleay 1871) [=Xanthophaea chaudoiri]LM87
|--D. concinna (Blackburn 1901) [=Xanthophaea concinna]LM87
|--D. constricticeps (Sloane 1898) [=Xanthophaea constricticeps]LM87
|--D. cylindricollis (Blackburn 1901) [=Xanthophaea cylindricollis]LM87
|--D. demarzi (Straneo 1960) [=Xanthophaea demarzi]LM87
|--D. dieffenbachiaOM08
|--D. doddi (Sloane 1917) [=Xanthophaea doddi]LM87
|--D. dorsalis (Sloane 1917) [=Xanthophaea dorsalis]LM87
|--D. elongata (Sloane 1898) [=Xanthophaea elongata]LM87
|--D. fasciata (Sloane 1915) [=Xanthophaea fasciata]LM87
|--D. filiformis (Blackburn 1893) [=Xanthophaea filiformis]LM87
|--D. grandis (Chaudoir 1848) [=*Xanthophaea grandis]LM87
|--D. infuscata (Chaudoir 1872) [=Xanthophaea infuscata]LM87
|--D. lineata (Dejean 1831)LM87 [=Calleida lineataLM87; incl. Lebia plagiata Germar 1848LM87, Blechrus plagiatusG89]
|--D. lineolata (Chaudoir 1872) [=Xanthophaea (Demetrida) lineolata]LM87
|--D. longicollis (Macleay 1864) (see below for synonymy)LM87
|--D. loweri (Blackburn 1890) [=Xanthophaea loweri]LM87
|--D. marginipennis (Sloane 1917) [=Xanthophaea marginipennis]LM87
|--D. metallica Moore 1967LM87
|--D. nigricincta (Sloane 1910) [=Xanthophaea nigricincta]LM87
|--D. parallela (Chaudoir 1872) [=Xanthophaea parallela; incl. X. ornata Sloane 1910]LM87
|--D. picipennis (Chaudoir 1872) [=Xanthophaea picipennis]LM87
|--D. pilosula (Chaudoir 1872) [=Xanthophaea pilosula]LM87
|--D. quadricollis (Sloane 1917) [=Xanthophaea quadricollis]LM87
|--D. satelles (Blackburn 1893) [=Xanthophaea satelles]LM87
|--D. setosa (Sloane 1920) [=Xanthophaea setosa]LM87
|--D. suturata (Newman 1842) [=Calleida suturata]LM87
|--D. trivittata (Sloane 1923) [=Xanthophaea trivittata]LM87
|--D. tweedensis (Blackburn 1892) [=Demetrias tweedensis]LM87
|--D. variabilis (Macleay 1888) [=Xanthophaea variabilis]LM87
|--D. variolosa Moore 1967LM87
|--D. vittata (Dejean 1831)LM87 [=Calleida vittataLM87, Xanthophaea vittataB70; incl. X. lissodera Chaudoir 1872LM87]
`--D. wilsoni (Sloane 1923) [=Xanthophaea wilsoni]LM87

Demetrida longicollis (Macleay 1864) [=Cymindis longicollis; incl. Xanthophaea ferruginea Chaudoir 1872, Demetrias rufescens Macleay 1887]LM87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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