Darwinella australiensis, photographed by Mark Norman.

Belongs within: Porifera.
Contains: Solenoporaceae, Stromatoporoidea, Hazeliidae, Ceractinomorpha, Heteroscleromorpha.

The Demospongiae is a group of sponges characterised by the presence of spicules composed of silicon dioxide, spongin fibres or a combination of the two. The earliest definite body fossils of the Demospngiae date from the early Cambrian period, though chemical biomarkers suggest a much earlier origin during the Cryogenian (Erwin et al. 2011).

Characters (from Adl et al. 2012): Spongin and siliceous spicules in matrix, sometimes absent; spicules not triaxonic, with hollow triangular canal and four rays, not perpendicular; larva with outer monociliated cells, except at posterior pole.

<==Demospongiae [Cornacuspongida, Demospongea, Hadromerina, Monaxonida]
    |  `--HeteroscleromorphaEL11
    `--Choia [Choiidae]EL11
         |--C. carteriCM98
         |--C. hindei (Dawson 1896)RB93
         `--C. xiaolantianensisC12
Demospongiae incertae sedis:
  Synops ancepsF79
    |--E. illawarraH15
    `--E. zimmoceaH15
  Myceliospongia araneosaMC15
    |--Moleculospina mammillata (Walcott 1920)RB93
    `--Pirania Walcott 1920B04
         |--*P. muricata Walcott 1920B04
         `--P. llanfawrensis Botting 2004B04
    |--Batospongia spicata Miller 1889RB93
         |--D. madisonensis Foerste 1909RB93
         `--D. minor Ulrich & Everett 1890RB93
    |--Leptomitus Walcott 1886 non Agardh 1824 (ICBN)C12
    |    `--L. teretiuslulusC12
    |--Paraleptomitella Chen et al. 1989RB93, C12
    |    |--P. dictyodromaC12
    |    `--P. globulaRB93
    `--Leptomitella Rigby 1986RB93, C12
         |--L. confusaRB93
         |--L. conicaC12
         `--L. metta (Rigby 1983)RB93
  Hamptonia [Hamptoniidae]RB93
    `--H. bowerbanki Walcott 1920RB93
  Wapkia [Wapkiidae]RB93
    `--W. grandis Walcott 1920RB93
  Halichondrites Dawson 1889 [Halichondritidae]C12
    |--H. confusus Dawson 1889RB93
    `--H. elissa Walcott 1920RB93
  Takakkawia [Takakkawiidae]RB93
    `--T. lineata Walcott 1920RB93
    |--Uvanella irregularis Ott 1967RB93
    `--Leinia schneebergensis Senowbari-Daryan 1990RB93
  Coetinella [Ceotinellidae]RB93
    `--C. mirunae Pantic 1975RB93
  Lemonea [Guadalupiida, Guadalupiidae]RB93
    `--L. cylindrica (Girty 1908)RB93
  Chaetetidae [Chaetetida]RB93
    |--Chaetetella filiformis Sokolov 1962RB93
    |--Blastochaetetes irregularis Wood & Reitner 1987RB93
    `--Chaetetes Fischer 1837W77
         |--C. asiaticusG31
         |--C. milleporaceus Troost in Edwards & Haime 1851 [=Calamapora milleporacea ms]W77
         `--C. pachythecalisG31
    |--Desmidopora nicholsoni Etheridge 1902F71
    `--Schizolites floriformis Preobrazhenskiy 1968RB93
  Favosichaetetes [Favosichaetetidae]RB93
    `--F. multiporosus Yang 1978RB93
  Tiverina [Tiverinidae]RB93
    `--T. vermiculata Sokolov & Tesakov 1968RB93
  Ellipsactinia [Ellipsactinidae]RB93
    `--E. ellipsoidea Steinmann 1878RB93
  Burgundia [Burgundidae]RB93
    `--B. trinorchii Dehorne 1916RB93
  Heptastylis [Spongiomorphidae]RB93
    `--H. stromatoporoides Frech 1890RB93
Inorganic: Halichondrites graphitiferus Matthew 1890H62

*Type species of generic name indicated


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