Reconstruction of Dendrograptus hallianus, from Lucas (1902).

Belongs within: Dendroidea.

Dendrograptus is a long-lived genus of irregularly branching dendroid graptolites that is known from the Middle or Upper Cambrian to the Carboniferous (Bulman 1970).

Characters (from Bulman 1970): Generally robust, shrublike in habit, branching irregularly, stipes usually divergent, unconnected, stem well developed, with basal attachment; autothecae denticulate, spined or with apertural processes.

<==Dendrograptus Hall 1858 [incl. Ophiograptus Poulsen 1937]B70
    |--*D. (Dendrograptus) hallianus (Prout 1851) [=Graptolithus hallianus]B70
    |    |--D. h. hallianusR93
    |    |--D. h. marcicusCT83
    |    `--D. h. moneymakeri Ruedemann 1947R93
    `--D. (Stelechocladia Počta 1894)B70
         `--D. (*S.) suffruticosus Bouček 1957 [=*Stelechocladia fruticosa Počta 1894 (preoc.)]B70
Dendrograptus incertae sedis:
  D. cofeatus Kozłowski 1948K48
  D. communis Kozłowski 1948K48
  D. edwardsiR93
    |--D. e. edwardsiR93
    `--D. e. major Ruedemann 1947R93
  D. erectusCT83
    |--D. e. erectusCT83
    `--D. e. minorCT83
  D. fruticosusB70
  *Ophiograptus’ inexpectans Poulsen 1937B70
  D. longithecalis Kozłowski 1948K48
  D. nudus Sherrard 1956F71
  D. rectangulosus Sherrard 1956F71
  D. regularis Kozłowski 1948K48
  D. rigidusK48

*Type species of generic name indicated


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