Barremites cassidoides, copyright Motekov.

Belongs within: Stephanocerataceae.
Contains: Beudanticeratinae, Desmoceratinae, Muniericeratidae, Pachydiscidae, Pulchelliidae.

The Desmocerataceae are a Cretaceous (Upper Valanginian to Upper Maastrichtian) assemblage of ammonites whose species typically exhibit strong dimorphism (Wright et al. 1996).

Characters (from Wright et al. 1996): Generally round- or oval-whorled, but some lanceolate or keeled; commonly smooth or with weak ribs, sometimes strongly ribbed and tuberculate; constrictions commonly present. Suture simple or complex, with or without retracted suspensive lobe; L symmetrically or asymmetrically trifid in nearly all. Probably strongly dimorphic throughout; macroconchs with simple apertures; microconchs often with lappets and rostrum.

Desmocerataceae [Desmoceratoidea]WCH96
    |--Eodesmoceras [Eodesmoceratidae, Eodesmoceratinae]P93
    |    |--*E. celestini (Pictet & Campiche 1860)WCH96
    |    `--E. haughtoni (Spath 1930)WCH96
    |    |--Neoastieria Egoian 1969WCH96
    |    |    `--*N. reliqua Egoian 1969WCH96
    |    |--Miyakoceras Obata 1967WCH96
    |    |    `--*M. tanohatense Obata 1967WCH96
    |    |--Silesites Uhlig 1883 [=Beneckeia Uhlig 1882 non Mojsisovics 1882]WCH96
    |    |    |--*S. seranonis (Orbigny 1841) [=Ammonites seranonis, *Beneckeia seranonis]WCH96
    |    |    |--S. tenuisP93
    |    |    `--S. vulpesP93
    |    `--Neosilesites Breistroffer 1951 [incl. Neposiella Mahmoud 1953]WCH96
    |         |--*N. balearensis (Fallot 1920) [=Silesites seranonis var. balearensis]WCH96
    |         |--N. madagascariensisP93
    |         `--N. nepos (Douvillé 1917) [=Silesites nepos, *Neposiella nepos]WCH96
         |  |--MuniericeratidaeWCH96
         |  `--PachydiscidaeWCH96
         |    |--Aioloceras Whitehouse 1926WCH96
         |    |    `--*A. argentinum (Bonarelli in Bonarelli & Nágera 1921) [=Cleoniceras argentinum]WCH96
         |    `--Pseudosaynella Spath 1923WCH96
         |         |--*P. bicurvata (Michelin 1838) [=Ammonites bicurvatus]WCH96
         |         `--P. raresulcataWCH96
         |    |--Pseudosilesites Egoian 1969WCH96
         |    |    `--*P. seranoniformis Egoian 1969WCH96
         |    |--Silesitoides Spath 1925 [=Jacobella Passendorfer 1930 nec Jeannet 1908 nec Patte 1926]WCH96
         |    |    `--*S. escragnollensis (Jacob 1908) [=Silesites escragnollensis, *Jacobella escragnollensis]WCH96
         |    `--Parasilesites Imlay 1959 [incl. Pseudosilesitoides Breistroffer 1951 (n. n.)WCH96
         |         `--*P. bullatus Imlay 1959WCH96
         |    |--Oiophyllites Spath 1953WCH96
         |    |    `--*O. decipens Spath 1953WCH96
         |    `--Hauericeras Grossouvre 1894 (see below for synonymy)WCH96
         |         |--*H. pseudogardeni (Schlüter 1872) (see below for synonymy)WCH96
         |         |--H. angustumWCH96
         |         |--‘Ammonites’ gardeni Baily 1855 [=*Gardeniceras gardeni]WCH96
         |         `--H. madagascariensisM08
            `--Barremitinae [Cassidoiceratini, Torcapelinae, Torcapellinae]WCH96
                 |--Subsaynella Spath 1923WCH96
                 |    `--*S. sayni (Paquier 1900) [=Ammonites sayni]WCH96
                 |--Torcapella Busnardo 1970WCH96
                 |    `--*T. fabrei (Torcapel 1884) [=Ammonites fabrei]WCH96
                 |--Spitidiscus Kilian 1910WCH96
                 |    |--*S. rotula (Sowerby 1827) [=Ammonites rotula]WCH96
                 |    `--S. hugiiWCH96
                 |--Plesiospitidiscus Breistroffer 1947 [incl. Reboulites Dimitrova 1967]WCH96
                 |    |--*P. ligatus (Orbigny 1841) [=Ammonites ligatus]WCH96
                 |    `--‘Puzosia’ issarpayensis Kilian & Reboul 1915 [=*Reboulites issarpayensis]WCH96
                 `--Barremites Kilian 1913 (see below for synonymy)WCH96
                      |--*B. difficilis (Orbigny 1841) [=Ammonites difficilis]WCH96
                      |--‘Ammonites’ cassida Raspail 1831 [=*Raspailiceras cassida, *Raspailites cassida]WCH96
                      |--B. cassidoides (Uhlig 1883)P93, WCH96 [=Haploceras cassidoidesWCH96, *Cassidoiceras cassidoidesWCH96]
                      |--B. chaputiWCH96
                      |--‘Desmoceras’ falloti Kilian 1910 [=*Falloticeras falloti]WCH96
                      |--‘Haploceras’ lechicum Uhlig 1883 [=*Miodesmoceras lechicum]WCH96
                      |--‘Ammonites’ nabdalsa Coquand 1880 [=*Nabdalsiceras nabdalsa]WCH96
                      `--B. raspailiWCH96

Barremites Kilian 1913 [incl. Cassidoiceras Dimitrova 1967, Cassidoides, Falloticeras Breskovski 1977 non Parona & Bonarelli 1897, Miodesmoceras Wright 1955, Nabdalsiceras Breskovski 1977, Raspailiceras Wright 1956, Raspailites Wright 1955 non Jeannet 1951]WCH96

Hauericeras Grossouvre 1894 [=Pseudogardenia Tomlin 1930, Schlueteria Rollier 1922 nec Fritsch in Fritsch & Kafka 1887 nec Grossouvre 1894; incl. Gardeniceras Matsumoto & Obata 1955]WCH96

*Hauericeras pseudogardeni (Schlüter 1872) [=Ammonites pseudogardeni, *Pseudogardenia pseudogardeni, *Schlueteria pseudogardeni]WCH96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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