Desmoceras latidorsatum, from

Belongs within: Desmoceratoidea.

The Desmoceratinae are a Cretaceous (Upper Aptian to Upper Maastrichtian) lineage of involute ammonites (Wright et al. 1996).

Characters (from Wright et al. 1996): Involute, with little or no ornament except for collared constrictions and in some forms weak intermediate ribs on outer part of whorl; in one group venter tending to narrow, finally forming a keel. Suture with finely frilled elements and auxiliaries in regularly descending series. Microconchs with lappets.

|--Microdesmoceras Matsumoto & Muramoto in Matsumoto, Muramoto & Inoma 1972WCH96
| `--*M. tetragonum Matsumoto & Muramoto in Matsumoto, Muramoto & Inoma 1972WCH96
|--Moremanoceras Cobban 1971WCH96
| `--*M. scotti (Moreman 1942) [=Tragodesmoceras scotti]WCH96
|--Bassites Cobban 1987WCH96
| `--*B. reesidei Cobban 1987WCH96
|--Tragodesmoceroides Matsumoto 1942WCH96
| `--*T. subcostatus Matsumoto 1942WCH96
|--Onitshoceras Reyment 1954WCH96
| `--*O. matsumotoi Reyment 1954WCH96
|--Desmophyllites Spath 1929 (see below for synonymy)WCH96
| `--*D. larteti (Seunes 1891) [=Desmoceras larteti, *Schlueteria larteti, *Schluetericeras larteti]WCH96
|--Damesites Matsumoto 1942 [=Kotoceras Yabe 1927 (nom. rej.) non Kobayashi 1934; incl. Neokotoceras Anderson 1958]WCH96
| |--*D. damesi (Jimbo 1894) [=Desmoceras damesi, *Kotoceras damesi]WCH96
| |--D. amapondensis [=Amapondella amapondense]M08
| |--*Neokotoceras’ fresnoense Anderson 1958WCH96
| |--D. semicostatusWCH96
| `--D. sugataWCH96
`--Desmoceras Zittel 1884EK02 (see below for synonymy)
| i. s.: D. carolensis Etheridge 1902F71
| ‘Puzosia’ chirichensis Pervinquière 1907 [=*Lunatodorsella chirichensis]WCH96
| D. kossmatiK79
| ‘Ammonites’ valdedorsatus Reynès 1876 [=*Phyllodesmoceras valdedorsatum]WCH96
|--*D. (Desmoceras) latidorsatum (Michelin 1838) [=Ammonites latidorsatus, *Latidorsella latidorsata]WCH96
`--D. (Pseudouhligella Matsumoto 1938)WCH96
|--D. (*P.) japonica Yabe 1904 [=D. dawsoni var. japonica]WCH96
|--D. (P.) alamoenseK79
`--D. (P.) ezoanumK79

Desmoceras Zittel 1884EK02 [=Latidorsella Jacob 1907WCH96; incl. Lunatodorsella Breistroffer 1947WCH96, Phyllodesmoceras Spath 1925WCH96]

Desmophyllites Spath 1929 [=Schlueteria Grossouvre 1894 non Fritsch in Fritsch & Kafka 1887, Schluetericeras Collignon 1938 non Hyatt 1903]WCH96

*Type species of generic name indicated


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