Cornelian Deudorix epijarbas, copyright Vijay Anand Ismavel.

Belongs within: Lycaenidae.

Deudorix is a Palaeotropical genus of butterflies with larvae feeding on seeds within fruits (Braby 2000).

Characters (from Braby 2000): Antenna about half (female) or more than half (male) length of costa of fore wing; eye hairy; fore wing with 11 veins, with radial branches R4 and R5 fused into single vein R4+5; hind wing with narrow tail at end of vein CuA2 and prominent tornal lobe; secondary sexual characters of male, if present, a patch of sex-scales just above cell on upperside of hind wing and corresponding tuft of black hair-like sex-scales along dorsum on underside of fore wing.

<==Deudorix Hewitson 1863WF02 [=Deudoryx (l. c.)WF02; incl. Virachola Moore 1881B00]
    |--*D. epijarbas (Moore 1857) [=Dipsas epijarbas]WF02
    |    |--D. e. epijarbasB00
    |    |--D. e. dido Waterhouse 1934B00
    |    |--D. e. diovellaPP02
    |    `--D. e. menesicles Fruhstorfer 1912 [=D. epijarbas menesecles (l. c.); incl. Rapala koshuna Sonan 1931]WF02
    |--‘Virachola’ antalusB01a
    |--‘Virachola’ dariavesB01a
    |--D. democles (Miskin 1884) [=D. perse democles, Virachola democles]B00
    |--D. diovis Hewitson 1863 [=D. epijarbas diovis]B00
    |--D. epirus (Felder 1860)B00
    |    |--D. e. epirusB00
    |    `--D. e. agimar Fruhstorfer 1908B00
    |--D. eryxI92
    |    |--D. e. eryxI92
    |    `--D. e. okinawana (Matsumura 1919)I92
    |--D. hainana Chou & Gu 1994WF02
    |--D. hypargyria (Elwes 1893) [=Rapala hypargyria]WF02
    |--‘Virachola’ isocratesA73
    |--D. nanlingensis Wang & Fan 2002WF02
    |--D. perse (Hewitson 1865)B00
    |--D. pseudorapaloides Wang & Chou 1996WF02
    |--D. rapaloides (Naritomi 1941) [=Thecla rapaloides, D. rapalides (l. c.)]WF02
    |--D. sankakuhonis (Matsumura 1938) [=Rapala sankakuhonis]WF02
    |--D. smilis Hewitson 1863 [=Virachola smilis]B00
    |    |--D. s. smilisB00
    |    `--D. s. dalyensis (Le Souëf & Tindale 1970)B00
    |--‘Virachola’ zela [=Rapala zela]B01b
    `--V. zeloides Butler 1901B01b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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