Uramya halisidotae, copyright Phil Huntley-Franck.

Belongs within: Tachinidae.
Contains: Dufouriini, Dexiini.

The Dexiinae are a group of tachinid flies united by the presence of a hinge in the phallus together with close association of the postgonites with the base of the phallus. Females possess a uterus and deposit eggs containing a developed embryo (Wood & Zumbado 2010). The majority of species parasitise Lepidoptera though certain subgroups attack Coleoptera or Heteroptera. Parasitoids of adult Heteroptera form a clade including the Epigrimyiini and Euthera. The host of the sister taxon of this clade, Litophasia, is as yet unknown (Stireman et al. 2019).

<==Dexiinae [Dufouriinae, Proseninae, Voriini, Wagneriini]WZ10
    |  `--+--EpigrimyiiniSC19
    |     |    |--EpigrimyiaSC19
    |     |    |    |--E. illinoensisSC19
    |     |    |    `--E. politaW87
    |     |    `--Beskia aelopsSC19
    |     `--Euthera [Eutherini]SC19
    |          |--E. setifaciesSC19
    |          `--E. tentatrixWZ10
    `--+--+--+--Microsoma exiguaSC19
       |  |  `--Freraea [Freraeini]SC19
       |  |       `--F. montanaW87
       |  `--+--Xanthobasis angustifronsSC19
       |     `--Eutrixa exilisSC19
       `--+--+--Chaetonopsis spinosaSC19
          |  `--StominaSC19
             |  `--+--Telothyria [Telothyriini]SC19
             |     |    `--T. thecata [=Leskiopsis thecata]WZ10
             |     `--EriothrixSC19
             |          |--E. monticolaSC19
             |          `--E. penitalisW87
                `--+--Phyllomya [Phyllomyina, Phyllomyini]SC19
                   |    |--P. volvulusSC19
                   |    `--P. washingtonianaW87
                   `--+--+--+--Periscepsia Gistel 1848SC19, F92 (see below for synonymy)
                      |  |  |    |--*P. carbonaria (Panzer 1798) (see below for synonymy)F92
                      |  |  |    |--P. helymusWZ10
                      |  |  |    `--P. stylata [=Petinarctia stylata]W87
                      |  |  `--+--MyiotrixiniSC19
                      |  |     |    |--MyiotrixaSC19
                      |  |     |    `--ObscuromyiaSC19
                      |  |     `--Campylocheta [Campylochetini]SC19
                      |  |          |--C. plathypenaeSC19
                      |  |          `--C. semiothisaeWZ10
                      |  `--+--+--MuscopteryxSC19
                      |     |  |    |--M. costalis [=Websteriana costalis]W87
                      |     |  |    |--M. evexus [=Tarassophorus evexus]W87
                      |     |  |    `--M. hilarisSC19
                      |     |  `--Metopomuscopteryx tibialisSC19
                      |     `--+--TrafoiaSC19
                      |        |    |--T. arcticaWZ10 [=Tenuirostra arcticaW87]
                      |        |    `--T. rufipalpisSC19
                      |        `--+--Micronychiops aurescensSC19
                      |           `--+--Uramya [Uramyini]SC19
                      |              |    |--U. aldrichiW87
                      |              |    |--U. halisidotaeT81
                      |              |    `--U. pristisSC19
                      |              `--Thelairaporia brasiliensisSC19
Dexiinae incertae sedis:
  Hystricodexia echinataWZ10
  Voria Robineau-Desvoidy 1830F92
    `--*V. ruralis (Fallén 1810) (see below for synonymy)F92
  Hyleorus Aldrich 1926 [incl. Neuroplagia Townsend 1933, Steiniomyia Townsend 1932]F92
    `--*H. elatus (Meigen 1838) [incl. Tachina setosa Brischke 1885]F92
  Kirbya [incl. Coleophasia, Hesperophasia, Hesperophasiopsis; Hesperophasiini]W87
    |--K. aldrichiW87
    |--K. pacificaWZ10
    `--K. setosaWZ10
    |--W. pacataW87
    `--W. vernataW87
  Peteina Meigen 1838F92
    |--*P. erinaceus Fabricius 1794F92
    `--P. hyperdiscalis Aldrich 1926F92
    |--Thelaira nigripesP93
    `--Halydaia Egger 1856 [incl. Anaperistommyia Townsend 1926, Macropia Malloch 1930]F92
         |--*H. aurea Egger 1856F92
         `--H. luteicornis Walker 1861 [incl. Anaperistommyia optica Townsend 1926]F92
  *Argyromima mirabilisWZ10, SC19, WZ10

Periscepsia Gistel 1848SC19, F92 [incl. Phorichaeta Rondani 1861F92, Scopolia Robineau-Desvoidy 1830 nec Forster & Forster 1776 (ICBN) non Jaquin 1764 (ICBN)F92]

*Periscepsia carbonaria (Panzer 1798) [incl. Phorichaeta fuliginaria Rondani 1861, Wagneria nigrans Meigen 1826]F92

*Voria ruralis (Fallén 1810) [incl. V. ciliata d’Aguilar 1957, V. edentata Baranov 1932, Tachina spinicosta Palm 1876]F92

*Type species of generic name indicated


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