Corticeus unicolor, copyright André Karwath.

Belongs within: Tenebrionidae.
Contains: Adelinina, Diaperina, Menimus, Hyociina.

The Diaperinae are a group of tenebrionid beetles characterised by the structure of the female reproductive system, with the spermatheca formed from the basal, non-glandular portion of the accessory gland. They may be informally divided between the mostly desert-dwelling ‘phaleriine’ line including Crypticini, Trachyscelini, Phaleriini, Hyociini, and Ectychini, and the mostly forest-dwelling ‘diaperine’ line including Hypophlaeini, Myrmechixenini, Gnathidiini, Leiochrinini, Scaphidemini, Diaperini, and
Triplehornia (Matthews & Bouchard 2008). The Crypticini are distinguished by fine spines on the underside of the tarsi (Aaltu et al. 2002).

Characters (from Matthews & Bouchard 2008): Labrum transverse, mesal extremities of tormal arms usually either not extended or with posterior extensions only; epitorma usually present. Antennae with complex stellate sensoria. Mandibular mola with or without striations. Lacinia usually without uncus. Corpotentorium weakly or (usually) strongly arched, occasionally absent. Procoxal cavities usually internally closed. Elytral striae nine, with or without scutellary striole, striae sometimes effaced. Hind wings without medial fleck, apical field often elongate, radial cell often reduced or open. Claws simple. Metendosternite with or without laminae. Defensive reservoirs without basal sclerotisation, primitively short with wide openings, otherwise long with constricted bases, with annular folds in derived forms. Female tract often with primary bursa copulatrix. Spermatheca, when present, derived from base of accessory gland, not from bursa. Aedeagus usually with alae very short or absent, occasionally with clavae. Sexual dimorphism, when present, involving head only.

<==Diaperinae [Hypophlaeinae]
    |--Triplehornia Matthews & Lawrence 2005MB08
    |    `--*T. metallica Matthews & Lawrence 2005MB08
    |--Myrmechixenus Chevrolat 1835 [Myrmechixenini]MB08
    |    |--*M. subterraneus Chevrolat 1835MB08
    |    |--M. lathridioides Crotch 1873AT02
    |    `--M. vaporariorum Guérin-Méneville 1843MB08
    |    |--AdelininaMB08
    |    `--DiaperinaMB08
    |    |--MenimusMB08
    |    `--Tyrtaeus Champion 1913 [Anopidiina]MB08
    |         |--*T. rufus Champion 1913MB08
    |         `--T. bicoloratus Matthews & Lawrence 2005MB08
    |    |--BasanusMB08
    |    |--Scaphidema Redtenbacher 1849 [incl. Nelites LeConte 1850]AT02
    |    |    `--S. aeneolum (LeConte 1850)AT02
    |    `--Spiloscapha Bates 1873MB08
    |         `--S. thallioides (Pascoe 1869) [=Platydema thallioides; incl. *S. crassicornis Bates 1873]MB08
    |--Trachyscelis Latreille 1809 [Trachyscelini]MB08
    |    |--*T. aphodioides Latreille 1809MB08
    |    |--T. ciliaris Champion 1893MB08
    |    |--T. flavipes Melsheimer 1846AT02
    |    |--T. howensis Lea 1929MB08
    |    |--T. laevis Champion 1893MB08
    |    |--T. nigra Carter 1906MB08
    |    `--T. rufus Lucas 1846E12
    |    |--Phaleromela Reitter 1916AT02
    |    `--Phaleria Latreille 1802 (see below for synonymy)AT02
    |         |--*P. cadaverina (Fabricius 1793) [=Tenebrio cadaverinus]MB08
    |         |--P. angustataFS90
    |         |--P. bimaculata (Linnaeus 1767) [=Dytiscus bimaculatus]MB08
    |         |--P. chevrolati Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890 (see below for synonymy)FS90
    |         |--P. dytiscoidesFS90
    |         |--P. fulva Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890FS90
    |         |--P. guadeloupensis Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890FS90
    |         `--P. pallens (Linnaeus 1758)L02, L58 [=Tenebrio pallensL02]
    |--Corticeus Piller & Mitterpacher 1783MB08 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |  i. s.: ‘Ips’ bicolor Olivier 1790 [=*Hypophloeus bicolor]MB08
    |    |         ‘Hypophloeus’ linearisZ02
    |    |         ‘Hypophloeus’ rufipes Fab. 1801 [incl. H. flavipes]FS90
    |    |         ‘Hypophloeus’ suberis Lucas 1846E12
    |    |--*C. (Corticeus) unicolor Piller & Mitterpacher 1783MB08
    |    `--C. (Cnemophloeus Bremer 1998)MB08
    |         |--*Cnemophloeus’ filum (Fairmaire 1893) [=Hypophloeus filum]MB08
    |         |--C. (C.) australis Champion 1894MB08
    |         |--C. (C.) cylindricus (Reitter 1877) [=Hypophloeus cylindricus]MB08
    |         |--C. (C.) hackeri (Carter 1928) [=Hypophloeus hackeri; incl. H. castanoides Kaszab 1939]MB08
    |         `--C. (C.) sumatrensis (Pic 1914) [=Hypophloeus sumatrensis]MB08
    |--Leiochrinini [Leiochrininae]MB08
    |    |--Leiochrinus Westwood 1883 [incl. Liochrinus Alluaud 1900]MB08
    |    |    `--*L. fulvicollis Westwood 1883 [incl. L. laterufus Pic 1918]MB08
    |    |--Leiochrodes Westwood 1883MB08
    |    |    |--*L. discoidalis Westwood 1883MB08
    |    |    `--L. suturalis Westwood 1883MB08
    |    `--Derispia Lewis 1894MB08
    |         |--*D. maculipennis (Marseul 1876) [=Diaperis maculipennis]MB08
    |         |--D. coccinelloides (Westwood 1883) [=Leiochrodes coccinelloides]MB08
    |         |--D. queenslandica Kaszab 1961MB08
    |         |--D. ruficollis Kaszab 1946MB08
    |         `--D. variabilis (Carter 1930) [=Leiochrodes variabilis]MB08
    |    |--HyociinaMB08
    |    |--Uptona Medvedev & Lawrence 1986 [Uptonina]MB08
    |    |    |--*U. pallida Medvedev & Lawrence 1986MB08
    |    |    |--U. intermedia Medvedev & Lawrence 1986MB08
    |    |    |--U. nigra Medvedev & Lawrence 1986MB08
    |    |    `--U. rufa Medvedev & Lawrence 1986MB08
    |    `--BrittoninaMB08
    |         |--Brittona Medvedev & Lawrence 1986MB08
    |         |    `--*B. minuta Medvedev & Lawrence 1986MB08
    |         `--Magela Medvedev & Lawrence 1986MB08
    |              |--*M. uptoni Medvedev & Lawrence 1986MB08
    |              `--M. cordicollis Medvedev & Lawrence 1986MB08
    |    |--Micrectyche Bates 1873 [=Micretyche (l. c.)]MB08
    |    |    |--*M. intermedia Bates 1873MB08
    |    |    |--M. dubia Bates 1873 [incl. M. ryei Bates 1873]MB08
    |    |    `--M. ferruginea Bates 1873MB08
    |    `--Ectyche Pascoe 1869MB08
    |         |--*E. erebea Pascoe 1869MB08
    |         |--E. bicolor Carter 1918MB08
    |         |--E. coerulea Champion 1894MB08
    |         |--E. nana Pascoe 1869MB08
    |         |--E. scabripennis Bates 1873MB08
    |         |--E. sculpturata Bates 1873MB08
    |         |--E. semibullata Carter 1920MB08
    |         `--E. tuberculipennis Bates 1873MB08
         |--Microcrypticus Gebien 1921MB08
         |--Poecilocrypticus Gebien 1928AT02
         |    `--P. formicophilus Gebien 1928AT02
         |--Gondwanocrypticus Espaol 1955AT02
         |    `--G. obsoletus (Say 1823)AT02
         |    |--C. obesus Lucas 1847E12
         |    |--C. obsoletusAT02
         |    |--C. pubescensC01
         |    |--C. quisquiliusC01
         |    `--C. tenietensis Desbrochers des Loges 1890DL90
         `--Ellipsodes Wollaston 1854MB08
              |--*E. (Ellipsodes) glabratus (Fabricius 1793) [=Sphaeridium glabratum]MB08
              `--E. (Anthrenopsis Koch 1950)MB08
                   |--E. (*A.) scriptipennis (Fairmaire 1875) [=Platydema scriptipennis, Microcrypticus scriptipennis]MB08
                   |--E. (A.) scriptus (Lewis 1894) [=Platydema scripta; incl. Crypticus submaculatus Champion 1894]MB08
                   `--E. (A.) ziczac (Motscshulsky 1873) [=Basides ziczac]MB08

Corticeus Piller & Mitterpacher 1783MB08 [incl. Hypophloeus Fabricius 1790MB08, Paraphloeus Seidlitz 1894AT02; Hypophlaeini, Hypophloeinae, HypophloeiniMB08]

Phaleria Latreille 1802 [incl. Atahualpina Espaol 1950, Empysara Pascoe 1866, Epiphaleria Lewis 1894, Phalerisida Kulzer 1959]AT02

Phaleria chevrolati Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890 [incl. P. chevrolati var. quadrinotata Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890, P. chevrolati var. thoracica Fleutiaux & Sallé 1890]FS90

*Type species of generic name indicated


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