Girdle view of Corethron criophilum, copyright Wendy Kozlowski.

Belongs within: Diatomista.
Contains: Nitzschiella, MelosiraceaeRhizosolenia, Mediophyceae, Bacillariophyceae, Biddulphioideae, Heliopeltaceae, Hemidiscaceae, Coscinodiscus.

The Diatomeae, diatoms, are a group of mostly photosynthetic protists with a cell wall composed of a pair of siliceous valves.

The Eucentricophycidae is a group containing the majority of radial centric diatoms.

The Rhizosoleniaceae are a group of centric diatoms in which the cylindrical cells are united in chains.

Characters (from Adl et al. 2012): Vegetative cells cylindrical with a circular, elongate or multipolar cross-section, lacking any trace of cilia except as the sperm of centric lineages; cell wall complete, composed of tightly integrated silicified elements and comprised of two valves, one at each end of cell, with several girdle bands as hoops or segments covering cylindrical ‘girdle’ lying between valves; chloroplasts usually present, bounded by four membranes, and with lamellae of three thylakoids and a ring nucleoid (rarely multiple nucleoids); ciliated sperm cells bearing a single anterior cilium with a 9 + 0 axoneme and mastigonemes; life cycle diplontic and of unique pattern with slow size reduction over several years during the phase, caused by an unusual internal wall morphogenesis, alternating with rapid size restitution via a growth phase (auxospore) over several days.

<==Diatomeae (see below for synonymy)C-S18
|--Ellerbeckia [Ellerbeckiophytina]AB19
|--Arachnoidiscus [Arachnoidiscophytina]AB19
| |--A. ehrenbergiiM01c
| `--A. ornatusM01c
| | i. s.: Paralia sulcataAB19, B26
| | Aulacoseira distansAB19, C-SC06
| `--MelosiraceaeC-SC06
|--Probosciaceae [Probosciophytina]AB19
| |--KreagraJL04
| `--Proboscia Sundström 1986 [incl. Simonseniella]JL04
| |--*P. alata [=Rhizosolenia alata, Simonseniella alata; incl. R. alata f. genuina, R. alata f. gracillima]JL04
| |--P. indica (Peragallo) Hernández-Becerril 1995 (see below for synonymy)JL04
| `--P. subarctica [incl. Rhizosolenia alata f. curvirostris]JL04
|--Rhizosoleniaceae [Rhizosoleniales, Rhizosoleniophycidae, Rhizosoleniophytina]RA05
| |--PseudosoleniaJL04
| |--RhizosoleniaKI02
| `--GuinardiaRA05
| |--G. flaccidaRA05
| `--G. striataSS10
|--Bacillariophytina [Biddulphieae]AB19
| |--MediophyceaeAB19
| |--BacillariophyceaeC-SC06
| `--BiddulphiophyceaeAB19
| |--BiddulphioideaeEB93
| `--Attheya West 1860AB19
| `--A. decoraG64
| |--Corethron [Corethrales, Corethrophyceae, Corethrophycidae]C-SC06
| | |--C. criophilumC-SC06
| | `--C. valdiviaeB26
| `--LeptocylindrophyceaeAB19
| |--TenuicylindrusAB19
| `--Leptocylindrus [Leptocylindraceae]EB93
| `--*L. danicusJL04
`--Coscinodiscophytina [Coscinodisceae]AB19
| i. s.: StellarimaAB19
| Systephania anglicaG64
|--Coscinodiscaceae [Coscinodiscales, Coscinodisceae]C-SC06
| |--CoscinodiscusG75
| |--BenethorasEB93
| |--GossleriellaEB93
| |--IsodiscusEB93
| |--KozloviellaEB93
| |--PomphodiscusEB93
| `--PseudotriceratiumEB93
|--Asterolampra eximiaH04
|--Bergonia primitivaEB93
|--A. elegansM01c
|--A. flabellatusM01c
|--A. heptactis [incl. Spatangidium ralfsianum]M01c
`--A. imbricatusH04

Diatomeae incertae sedis:
Planothidium quadripunctatum (Oppenheim) Sabbe in Sabbe, Verleyen et al. 2003 (see below for synonymy)SV03
Nanofrustulum shiloi (Lee, Reimer & McEnery) Round, Hallenstein & Paasche 1999 (see below for synonymy)SV03
Chamaepinnularia krookii [=Pinnularia krookii]SV03
Eucocconeis austriaca [=Achnanthes austriaca]SV03
Pseudostaurosira perminutaSV03
Staurophora (nom. cons.)C03
Alveus marinusP98
Dictyopyxis Ehrenberg 1844FT93
|--S. exiguiformisSV03
`--S. inermis Flower, Jones & Round 1996SV03
|--M. gibbula [=Navicula gibbula]SV03
`--M. peraustralis (West & West) Spaulding & Stoermer 1997SV03
|--C. britannicusSV03
|--C. indubitabilisSV03
`--C. laevissimus (West & West) Sabbe in Sabbe, Verleyen et al. 2003 (see below for synonymy)SV03
|--P. abundans (Manguin) Bukhtiyarova & Round 1996SV03
|--P. chlidanosSV03
|--P. daonenseSV03
|--P. germainii (Manguin) Sabbe in Sabbe, Verleyen et al. 2003 [=Achnanthes germainii]SV03
|--P. helveticumSV03
|--P. marginulatumSV03
|--P. metakryophilum (Lange-Bertalot & Schmidt) Sabbe in Sabbe, Verleyen et al. 2003 (see below for synonymy)SV03
|--P. stauroneioides (Manguin) Bukhtiyarova 1996 [=P. stauroneioideum (l. c.)]SV03
`--P. subatomoidesSV03
|--B. aponinaTaJ06
`--B. brebissoniiThJ06
Ctenophora pulchellaTaJ06
Fallacia pygmaeaTaJ06
Glyphodesmis Greville 1862G75
|--G. distansG75
`--G. marginataCFW59
Scolioneis tumidaUPS98
Coscinosira polychordaB26
Stictodesmis Grev. 1863CFW59
`--S. australis Grev. 1863CFW59
Denticella regiaH04
Pyrgodiscus armatusH04
|--G. constrictaH04
`--G. mediaM01c
Amphithetras elegansH04
|--G. antiquusEB93
`--G. perfectusEB93
`--Auricula Castrac. 1873 (nom. cons.) non Lamarck 1799 (ICZN)KC01
|--A. cholnokyi Giffen 1963G63
`--A. minuta Cleve 1895G63
Amblypyrgus campanellusEB93
Ancylopyrgus reticulatusEB93
Archepyrgus melosiroidesEB93
Basilicostephanus ornatusEB93
Bilingua rossiiEB93
Gladiopsis lagenoidesEB93
Kerkis bispinosaEB93
Keagra bifaclcataEB93
Microorbic convexusEB93
Praethallssiosiropsis hasleaeEB93
Rhynchopyxis siphonoidesEB93
Calyptosporium carinatumEB93
Cypellachaetes intricatusEB93
Hyalotrochuis imcompositusEB93
Dasyangea dactylethraEB93
Brebissonia boeckiiM01a
Clavicula recensM01c
Porpeia quadrataM01c
|--P. febigeriiM01c
|--P. fuscaM01c
|--P. hormoidesG64
|--P. laevisG64
|--P. maculataG64
`--P. montagneiG63
Cavinula pseudoscutiformisVVZ11
Druridgia geminataG64
|--O. angulataG64
|--O. arenariaG64
|--O. dickieiiG64
|--O. italica [incl. O. orichalcea]G64
|--O. mirabilisG64
|--O. oceanica [=Endictya oceanica]G64
|--O. punctataG64
|--O. roseana [incl. O. spinosa]G64
`--O. sulcata [incl. O. marina]G64
Syndendrium diademaG64

Craspedostauros laevissimus (West & West) Sabbe in Sabbe, Verleyen et al. 2003 [=Tropidoneis laevissima West & West 1911]SV03

Diatomeae [Araphidineae, Bacillariophyta, Biddulphiaceae, Biddulphiales, Centrales, Centricophyceae, Chaetocereae, Coscinophytina, Coscinopiscophyceae, Diatomea, Discineae, Eucentricophycidae, Hemiauloideae, Melosireae, Pennales]C-S18

Nanofrustulum shiloi (Lee, Reimer & McEnery) Round, Hallenstein & Paasche 1999 [=Fragilaria shiloi Lee, Reimer & McEnery 1980, Pseudostaurosira shiloi (Lee, Reimer & McEnery) Hallegraeff & Burford 1996; incl. Opephora krumbeinii Witkowski, Witak & Stachura 1999, Fragilaria sopotensis Witkowski 1994]SV03

Planothidium quadripunctatum (Oppenheim) Sabbe in Sabbe, Verleyen et al. 2003 [=Achnanthes quadripunctata Oppenheim 1994]SV03

Proboscia indica (Peragallo) Hernández-Becerril 1995 [=Rhizosolenia indica Peragallo 1892, R. alata f. indica (Peragallo) Gran 1908, R. alata var. indica (Peragallo) Ostenfeld & Schmidt 1901; incl. R. arafurensis, R. alata var. corpulenta Cleve 1897, R. alata f. corpulenta (Cleve) Peragallo & Peragallo 1897–1908, R. corpulenta (Cleve) Cleve 1901, R. quadriiuncta, R. quadrijuncta]JL04

Psammothidium metakryophilum (Lange-Bertalot & Schmidt) Sabbe in Sabbe, Verleyen et al. 2003 [=Achnanthes metakryophila Lange-Bertalot & Schmidt in Schmidt et al. 1990]SV03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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