Black-sided flowerpecker Dicaeum monticolum, copyright MeegsC.

Belongs within: Passerida.

The Dicaeidae, flower peckers, are an Indo-Australian group of small birds with short, slightly down-curved bills and tubular tongues. Most species are brightly coloured, and feed on fruit, nectar and small insects. Flowerpeckers are divided between the genera Prionochilus, which retain a fully developed tenth primary on the wing, and Dicaeum, in which the tenth primary is vestigial.

<==Dicaeidae [Dicaeinae]BKB15
    |--Dicaeum Cuvier 1817B94
    |    |  i. s.: D. aeruginosumJT12
    |    |         D. annaeJT12
    |    |         D. erythrorhynchosJT12
    |    |         D. erythrothoraxJT12
    |    |         D. haematostictumJT12
    |    |         D. maugeiJT12
    |    |         D. nehrkorniJT12
    |    |         D. nitidumJT12
    |    |         D. propriumJT12
    |    |         D. quadricolorJT12
    |    |         D. retrocinctumJT12
    |    |         D. trochileumJT12
    |    |         D. vincensJT12
    |    |         D. vulneratumJT12
    |    |--+--+--D. anthonyiBKB15
    |    |  |  `--D. bicolorBKB15
    |    |  `--+--D. hypoleucumBKB15
    |    |     `--D. nigriloreBKB15
    |    `--+--+--D. australeBKB15
    |       |  `--D. trigonostigma (Scopoli 1786)BKB15, W66 [=Certhia trigonostigmaW66]
    |       `--+--D. aureolimbatumBKB15
    |          |    |--D. a. aureolimbatumR02
    |          |    `--D. a. lateraleR02
    |          `--+--+--D. concolorBKB15
    |             |  `--D. pygmaeumBKB15
    |             `--+--+--D. sanguinolentumBKB15
    |                |  `--+--D. cruentatum (Linné 1766)BKB15, W66 [=Certhia cruentataW66; incl. C. coccinea Scopoli 1786W66]
    |                |     `--D. igniferumBKB15
    |                `--+--+--D. monticolumBKB15
    |                   |  `--D. tristramiBKB15
    |                   `--+--+--D. celebicumBKB15
    |                      |  |    |--D. c. celebicumR02
    |                      |  |    `--D. c. sanghirenseR02
    |                      |  `--D. ignipectumBKB15
    |                      `--+--+--D. aeneumBKB15
    |                         |  `--D. eximiumBKB15
    |                         `--+--D. hirundinaceum (Shaw 1792)BKB15, WS48 (see below for synonymy)
    |                            `--+--D. geelvinkianumBKB15
    |                               `--D. pectoraleBKB15
    `--Prionochilus Strickland 1841JT12, S41
         |--P. olivaceus (Walden 1875)BKB15, S89 [=Dicaeum olivaceumS89; incl. D. inornatum Sharpe 1885S89, D. virescensS89]
         `--+--+--‘Dicaeum’ chrysorrheumBKB15
            |  `--+--‘Dicaeum’ melanoxanthumJT12
            |     `--+--‘Dicaeum’ agileJT12
            |        `--‘Dicaeum’ everettiJT12
            `--+--P. maculatusJT12
               `--+--P. thoracicusJT12
                  `--+--P. xanthopygiusBKB15
                     `--+--P. percussusBKB15
                        `--P. plateniBKB15

Dicaeum hirundinaceum (Shaw 1792)BKB15, WS48 [=Motacilla hirundinaceaWS48; incl. D. hirundinaceum tormenti Mathews 1912WS48]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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