Male Nesothrips lativentris, from Thrips of California 2012.

Belongs within: Idolothripinae.

The Diceratothripina are a group of fungus-feeding thrips characterised by the presence of metathoracic sternopleural sutures and widely separated maxillary stylets (Mound & Palmer 1983).

Characters (from Mound & Palmer 1983): Antennal segment IV with four (rarely two) sense cones. Maxillary stylets widely spaced, usually V-shaped. Metathoracic sternopleural sutures present.

<==Diceratothripina [Diceratothripinae]
    |--Campulothrips Moulton 1944MP83
    |    `--*C. gracilis Moulton 1944MP83
    |--Phacothrips Mound 1974MP83
    |    `--*P. ocelloides (Hood 1950) [=Gastrothrips ocelloides]MM96
    |--Sporothrips Hood 1938MP83
    |    `--*S. amplus (Hood 1925) [=Adiaphorothrips amplus]MM96
    |--Elgonima Zur Strassen 1972MP83
    |    `--*E. seticeps Zur Strassen 1972MP83
    |--Nesidiothrips Mound 1974MP83
    |    |--*N. alius (Ananthakrishnan 1970) [=Nesothrips alius]MP83
    |    `--N. validus (Bagnall 1921) [=Coenurothrips validus]MP83
    |--Pseudoeurhynchothrips Moulton 1949MP83
    |    |--*P. bidens Moulton 1949MP83
    |    `--P. mameti (Priesner 1951) [=Dichaetothrips mameti]MP83
    |--Acallurothrips Bagnall 1921MP83 [incl. Diopsothrips Hood 1934MM96]
    |    |--*A. macrurus Bagnall 1921MM96
    |    |--A. amplus (Faure 1949) [=Pygothrips amplus]MP83
    |    |--A. badius (Faure 1955) [=Pygothrips badius]MP83
    |    |--A. breviceps (Hood 1934) [=Pygothrips breviceps]MM96
    |    |--A. brunneus (Hood 1934) [=Diopsothrips brunneus]MM96
    |    |--A. conifer (Hood 1925) [=Pygothrips conifer]MM96
    |    |--A. fasciolatus (Hood 1952) [=Pygothrips fasciolatus]MM96
    |    |--A. flavus (Hood 1934) [=*Diopsothrips flavus]MM96
    |    |--A. judithae (Faure 1956) [=Lathrobiothrips judithae]MP83
    |    |--A. latus Moulton 1944MP83
    |    |--A. louisianae (Hood 1936) [=Diopsothrips louisianae]MM96
    |    |--A. mamillicauda (Hood 1954) [=Pygothrips mamillicauda]MM96
    |    |--A. metulicauda (Karny 1923) [=Pygothrips metulicauda]MP83
    |    |--A. noguttii (Kurosawa 1932) [=Pygothrips noguttii]MP83
    |    |--A. quadraticeps (Hood 1952) [=Pygothrips quadraticeps]MM96
    |    `--A. spinicauda (Priesner 1939) [=Pygothrips spinicauda]MP83
    |--Diceratothrips Bagnall 1908MM96 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--*D. bicornis Bagnall 1908 (see below for synonymy)MM96
    |    |--D. bennetti Mound & Palmer 1983MM96
    |    |--D. cornutus Hood 1952MM96
    |    |--D. cubensis Hood 1941MM96
    |    |--D. delicatus Hood 1941MM96
    |    |--D. garciaamaroae Johansen 1981MM96
    |    |--D. harti Hood 1912MM96 [incl. *Megalomerothrips eupatorii Watson 1919MP83, MM96]
    |    |--D. horridus Priesner 1933MM96 [=D. (*Endacnothrips) horridusMP83]
    |    |--D. inferorum (Priesner 1933) [=Adiaphorothrips inferorum]MM96
    |    |--D. longipes Hood 1912MM96
    |    |--D. nigricauda (Hood 1925) [=Pygothrips nigricauda]MM96
    |    |--D. obscuricornis Hood 1941MM96
    |    |--D. pallidior Priesner 1933MM96
    |    |--D. picticornis Hood 1914 [incl. D. wolcotti Morgan 1925]MP83
    |    |--D. robustus (Schmutz 1909)MM96 [=*Eulophothrips robustusMP83]
    |    |--D. sakimurai Johansen 1979MM96
    |    |--D. setigenis Hood 1941MM96
    |    `--D. validipennis (Hood 1938) [=Gastrothrips validipennis]MM96
    |--Neosmerinthothrips Schmutz 1913 [incl. Coenurothrips Bagnall 1921, Galactothrips Moulton 1933]MP83
    |    |--*N. fructuum Schmutz 1913MM96 [incl. Oedemothrips ceylonicus Karny 1925MP83]
    |    |--N. affinis (Bagnall 1921) [=Coenurothrips affinis]MP83
    |    |--N. annulipes (Hood 1950) [=Gastrothrips annulipes; incl. Nesothrips milleforme De Santis 1963]MM96
    |    |--N. brevicollis (Bagnall 1921) [=*Coenurothrips brevicollis]MP83
    |    |--N. collaris (Bagnall 1917)MM96 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--N. diversicolor (Moulton 1933)MM96 [=*Galactothrips diversicolorMP83]
    |    |--N. fijiensis (Moulton 1944) [=Gastrothrips fijiensis]MP83
    |    |--N. grandicauda (Priesner 1925) [=Barythrips grandicauda]MP83
    |    |--N. hamiltoni Mound & Palmer 1983MM96
    |    |--N. hilaris (Priesner 1937) [=Bolothrips hilaris]MP83
    |    |--N. hoodi (Faure 1954) [=Gastrothrips hoodi]MP83
    |    |--N. inquilinus Ananthakrishnan 1960MP83
    |    |--N. nigrisetis (Hood 1935) [=Gastrothrips nigrisetis]MM96
    |    |--N. parvidens (Hood 1935) [=Gastrothrips parvidens]MM96
    |    |--N. paulistarum (Hood 1950) [=Gastrothrips paulistarum]MM96
    |    |--N. picticornis (Hood 1936) [=Gastrothrips picticornis]MM96
    |    |--N. plaumanni (Hood 1950) [=Gastrothrips plaumanni]MM96
    |    |--N. robustus (Ananthakrishnan 1964) [=Nesothrips robustus]MP83
    |    |--N. varipes (Hood 1950) [=Gastrothrips varipes]MM96
    |    `--N. xylebori Priesner 1935MP83
    `--Nesothrips Kirkaldy 1907 [incl. Oedemothrips Bagnall 1910, Rhaebothrips Karny 1913]MP83
         |--*N. oahuensis Kirkaldy 1907MM96 [=N. hawaiiensis (l. c.)MP83; incl. *Oedemothrips laticeps Bagnall 1910MP83]
         |--N. aoristus Mound 1974MP83
         |--N. brevicollis (Bagnall 1914) (see below for synonymy)MP83
         |--N. carveri Mound 1974MP83
         |--N. doulli (Mound 1974) [=Rhaebothrips doulli]MP83
         |--N. eastopi (Mound 1974) [=Rhaebothrips eastopi]MP83
         |--N. fodinae Mound 1974MP83
         |--N. hemidiscus Mound 1974MP83
         |--N. lativentris (Karny 1913)MM96 (see below for synonymy)
         |--N. leveri (Mound 1974) [=Rhaebothrips leveri]MP83
         |--N. major (Bagnall 1928) [=Rhaebothrips major]MP83
         |--N. malaccae Mound 1974MP83
         |--N. melinus Mound 1974MP83
         |--N. niger (Moulton & Steinweden 1932) [=Bolothrips niger; incl. Cryptothrips constans]MP83
         |--N. nigrisetis (Sakimura 1972) [=Rhaebothrips nigrisetis]MP83
         |--N. propinquus (Bagnall 1916)MP83 (see below for synonymy)
         |--N. rangi Mound & Palmer 1983MP83
         |--N. rhizophorae (Girault 1927) [=Cryptothrips rhizophorae]MP83
         |--N. semiflavus (Moulton 1939) [=Bolothrips semiflavus]MP83
         |--N. yanchepi Mound 1974MP83
         `--N. zondagi (Mound 1974) [=Rhaebothrips zondagi]MP83

Diceratothrips Bagnall 1908MM96 [incl. Endacnothrips Priesner 1933MP83, Eulophothrips Schmutz 1909MP83, Megalomerothrips Watson 1919MP83]

*Diceratothrips bicornis Bagnall 1908 [incl. Dice. armatus Bagnall 1910, Dice. hercules Johansen 1979, Dice. persimilis Priesner 1925, Dice. princeps Hood 1934, Dichaetothrips williamsi Karny 1920]MM96

Neosmerinthothrips collaris (Bagnall 1917)MM96 [=Cryptothrips collarisMM96; incl. Gastrothrips dominicanus Hood 1935MM96, G. fuscicauda Morgan 1925MM96, Bolothrips marshalli Priesner 1934MP83]

Nesothrips brevicollis (Bagnall 1914) [=Oedemothrips brevicollis; incl. Neosmerinthothrips formosensis Priesner 1935, Neos. formosensis  var. karnyi Priesner 1935, Coenurothrips minor Bagnall 1921]MP83

Nesothrips lativentris (Karny 1913)MM96 [=*Rhaebothrips lativentrisMP83; incl. Bolothrips australiensis Moulton 1968MP83, Cryptothrips claripennis Hood 1919MP83, C. difficilis Bagnall 1921MP83, Rhaebothrips fuscus Moulton 1942MP83, Machatothrips ipomoeae Ishida 1932MP83, Cryptothrips magnus Moulton 1928MP83, C. seychellensis Bagnall 1921MP83, Gynaikothrips yuasai Moulton 1928MP83]

Nesothrips propinquus (Bagnall 1916)MP83 [=Oedemothrips propinquusMP83; incl. O. propinquus var. breviceps Bagnall 1924MP83, Bagnalliella cestosa Karny 1920MP83, Cryptothrips dimidiatus Hood 1918MP83, Nesothrips dimidiatusR70, Oedemothrips propinquus f. obscuricornis Bagnall 1924MP83, Neosmerinthothrips oleriae Moulton 1949MP83, Bolothrips similis Hartwig 1948MP83]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[MM96] Mound, L. A., & R. Marullo. 1996. The thrips of Central and South America: an introduction (Insecta: Thysanoptera). Memoirs on Entomology, International 6: 1–487.

[MP83] Mound, L. A., & J. M. Palmer. 1983. The generic and tribal classification of spore-feeding Thysanoptera (Phlaeothripidae: Idolothripinae). Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History): Entomology series 46 (1): 1–174.

[R70] Reed, E. M. 1970. Thysanoptera (thrips). In: CSIRO. The Insects of Australia: A textbook for students and research workers pp. 458–464. Melbourne University Press.

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