Dicellograptus forchammeri, from Ruedemann 1947.

Belongs within: Axonophora.

The Dicranograptidae are a group of graptoloids from the Upper Ordovician, characterised by a simple sicula with a dorsal sinus, and partial or complete monoseriality (Fortey & Cooper 1986).

The Nemagraptidae are a group of graptoloids known from the Ordovician, with slender stipes that may bear lateral branches (Bulman 1970).

<==Dicranograptidae [Dicellograpta, Dicranograptacae, Dicranograptacea, Dicranograptinae, Dicranograptoidea]
    |--Dicranograptus Hall 1865M14, B70 [incl. Cladograpsus Emmons 1855 non Geinitz 1852B70, Diceratograptus Mu 1963B70]
    |    |--*D. ramosus (Hall 1848)B70 [=Graptolithus ramosusB70, G. (Climacograptus) ramosusW77]
    |    |--D. clinganiB70
    |    |--*Cladograpsus’ dissimilis Emmons 1855B70
    |    |--D. furcatusB70
    |    |    |--D. f. furcatusB70
    |    |    `--D. f. bispiralisB70
    |    |--D. hians [incl. D. hians var. apertus Hall 1909]F71
    |    |--D. irregularisM14
    |    |--*Diceratograptus’ mirus Mu 1963B70
    |    |--D. nicholsoniB70
    |    |--D. pringleiB70
    |    |--D. rectusF71
    |    |--D. sextans [=Graptolithus sextans]W77
    |    `--D. ziczac [incl. D. ziczac var. minimus]F71
    `--+--Nemagraptinae [Nemagraptidae]M14
       |    |--Ordosograptus Lin 1980M14
       |    |--Pleurograptus Nicholson 1867 (see below for synonymy)B70
       |    |    `--*P. linearis (Carruthers 1858) [=*Cladograpsus linearis]B70
       |    `--Nemagraptus Emmons 1855 (see below for synonymy)B70
       |         |--*N. gracilis (Hall 1848) (see below for synonymy)B70
       |         |--N. explanatus [incl. N. explanatus var. pertenuis]F71
       |         |--N. linmassiae Finney 1985M14
       |         `--*Geitonograptus’ suni Obut & Zubtzov 1964B70
       `--Dicellograptus Hopkinson 1871M14, B70 [=DicellograpsusB70]
            |--*D. elegans (Carruthers 1868)B70 [=Didymograptus elegansB70; incl. D. affinis Hall 1902F71]
            |--D. anceps (Nicholson 1867)R93
            |--D. angulatusF71
            |--D. caduceusF71
            |--D. clinganiC68
            |--D. complanatusF71
            |    |--D. c. complanatusF71
            |    `--D. c. ornatusF71
            |--D. divaricatus [incl. D. divaricatus var. rigidis]F71
            |--D. forchammeriF71
            |--D. geniculatusB70
            |--D. gravisLM05
            |--D. moffatensis Carruthers 1858R93
            |--D. morrisiF71
            |--D. patulosusF71
            |--D. pumilusF71
            |--D. sextansF71
            |    |--D. s. sextansC68
            |    `--D. s. exilisC68
            |--D. smithiF71
            `--D. vagusM14
Dicranograptidae incertae sedis:
  Leptograptus Lapworth 1873FC86, B70
    |--*L. flaccidus (Hall 1865) [=Graptolithus flaccidus]B70
    |    |--L. f. flaccidusB70
    |    |--L. f. macilentusB70
    |    `--L. f. trentonensisB70
    `--L. capillarisF71
  Aclistograptus Ge in Mu et al. 2002M14
  Amphigraptus Lapworth 1873M14 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*A. divergens (Hall 1859)B70 (see below for synonymy)
    `--‘Graptolithus’ multifasciatus Hall 1859 [=*Clematograptus multifasciatus]B70
  Deflexigraptus Mu in Mu et al. 2002M14
  Dicaulograptus Rickards & Bulman 1965 [Dicaulograptidae]M14
    `--*D. hystrix (Bulman 1932) [=Lasiograptus hystrix]B70
  Incumbograptus Ge in Mu et al. 2002M14
  Jiangxigraptus Yu & Fang 1966M14
  Ningxiagraptus Ge in Mu et al. 2002M14
  Pseudazygograptus Mu, Lee & Geh 1960M14
    `--*P. incurvus (Ekström 1937)B70 [=Azygograptus incurvusFC86]
  Syndyograptus Ruedemann 1908M14 [incl. Tangyagraptus Mu 1963B70]
    |--*S. pecten Ruedemann 1908B70
    `--*Tangyagraptus’ typicus Mu 1963B70

Amphigraptus Lapworth 1873M14 [=Coenograptus Hall 1868B70; incl. Clematograptus Hopkinson in Hopkinson & Lapworth 1875B70]

*Amphigraptus divergens (Hall 1859)B70 [=Graptolithus divergensB70, *Coenograptus divergensB70; incl. Amphigraptus divergens var. radiatusF71]

Nemagraptus Emmons 1855 [=Nemagrapsus, Helicograpsus Nicholson 1868, Stephanograptus Geinitz 1866; incl. Geitonograptus Obut & Zubtzov 1964]B70

*Nemagraptus gracilis (Hall 1848) [=Graptolithus gracilis, *Helicograpsus gracilis, *Stephanograptus gracilis; incl. N. elegans Emmons 1855]B70

Pleurograptus Nicholson 1867 [=Pleurograpsus, Cladograpsus Carruthers 1858 nec Geinitz 1852 nec Emmons 1855]B70

*Type species of generic name indicated


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