Specimens of Orbitopsella praecursor, from Museo Paleontologico e Preistorico “Piero Leonardi”.

Belongs within: Lituolidae.

The Dicyclinidae are a group of discoidal or low conical forams known from the Jurassic (or possibly Upper Triassic) to the Middle Eocene (Loeblich & Tappan 1964).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964): Test free, discoidal or depressed conical, chambers cyclical; wall of finely agglutinated calcareous particles, with imperforate epidermis; aperture multiple, peripheral.

Dicyclinidae LT64
    |–Cyclolininae LT64
    |    |–Cyclolina d’Orbigny 1846 LT64
    |    |    `–*C. cretacea d’Orbigny 1846 LT64
    |    |–Ammocycloloculina Maync 1958 LT64
    |    |    `–*A. erratica (Joukowsky & Favre 1913) [=Spirocyclina erratica] LT64
    |    `–Cyclopsinella Galloway 1933 (see below for synonymy) LT64
    |         `–*C. steinmanni (Munier-Chalmas 1887) [=*Cyclopsina steinmanni] LT64
    `–Dicyclininae LT64
         |–Dicyclina Munier-Chalmas 1887 LT64
         |    `–*D. schlumbergeri Munier-Chalmas 1887 LT64
         |–Broeckinella Henson 1948 LT64
         |    `–*B. arabica Henson 1948 LT64
         |–Coskinolinella Delmas & Deloffre 1961 LT64
         |    `–*C. daguini Delmas & Deloffre 1961 LT64
         |–Dohaia Henson 1948 LT64
         |    `–*D. planata Henson 1948 LT64
         |–Mangashtia Henson 1948 LT64
         |    `–*M. viennoti Henson 1948 LT64
         |–Orbitolinella Henson 1948 LT64
         |    `–*O. depressa Henson 1948 LT64
         |–Qataria Henson 1948 LT64
         |    `–*Q. dukhani Henson 1948 LT64
         |–Saudia Henson 1948 LT64
         |    `–*S. discoidea Henson 1948 LT64
         |–Zekritia Henson 1948 LT64
         |    `–*Z. langhami Henson 1948 LT64
         `–Orbitopsella Munier-Chalmas 1902 [incl. Coskinolinopsis Henson 1948] LT64
              |–*O. praecursor (Gümbel 1872) (see below for synonymy) LT64
              `–O. primaeva (Henson 1948) [=*Coskinolinopsis primaevus] LT64

Cyclopsinella Galloway 1933 [=Cycloclypsinella (l. c.), Cyclopsina Munier-Chalmas 1887 non Milne-Edwards 1840] LT64

*Orbitopsella praecursor (Gümbel 1872) [=Orbitulites praecursor; incl. Orbitulites circumvulvata Gümbel 1872] LT64

*Type species of generic name indicated


[LT64] Loeblich, A. R., Jr & H. Tappan. 1964. Sarcodina: chiefly “thecamoebians” and Foraminiferida. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt C. Protista 2 vol. 1. The Geological Society of America and The University of Kansas Press.

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