Brown stink bug Oncocoris apicalis, from Brisbane Insects.

Belongs within: Pentatominae.

The Diemeniini are an Australasian group of shield bugs characterised by the presence of a series of stridulatory ridges ventrolaterally on the anterior segments of the abdomen.

Characters (from Gross 1976, as ‘Diemenia group’): Medium-sized, 5–14 mm in length, elongate-oval in shape, dorsal surface usually strongly punctate. Antennae four- or five-segmented; juga frequently surpassing apex of anteclypeus, may be reflexed laterally, often produced into small lobe or process in front of eye. Abdomen with strigose vittae forming curved line laterally on segments 2, 3 and/or 4. Posterior outline of male pygophore mostly complex; clasper may be Y-shaped, thin and elongate, or flattened and rather plate-like; phallosoma heavily or only moderately sclerotised; thecal shield absent; conjunctiva bilobed with additional median and ventral lobes sometimes present; median penial plates small and laminate, or forming funnel-like sheath around vesica, or absent; vesica short and robust.

<==Diemeniini [Diemeninae]
|–Caridophthalmus G76
|–Aplerotus Dallas 1851 G76
|    `–*A. maculatus Dallas 1851 G76
|–Boocoris Gross 1976 G76
|    `–*B. bufiformis Gross 1976 G76
|–Gilippus Stål 1867 G76
|    `–*G. hostilis Haglund 1868 G76
|–Pseudoncocoris Gross 1976 G76
|    `–*P. southcotti Gross 1976 G76
|–Alphenor Stål 1867 G76
|    |–*A. cuspidatus Stål 1869 [incl. Myappena capito Distant 1910] G76
|    `–A. victoriensis Gross 1976 G76
|–Kalkadoona Distant 1910 [incl. Stelgidophora Bergroth 1912] G76
|    |–K. pallida (Van Duzee 1905) (see below for synonymy) G76
|    |–K. confinis (Dallas 1851) [=Dictyotus confinis] G76
|    |–K. cooperi Gross 1976 G76
|    `–K. enchylaenae Gross 1976 G76
|–Diemenia Spinola 1850 G76
|    |–D. rubromarginata (Guérin-Méneville 1830) [=Platycoris rubromarginatus] G76
|    |    |–D. r. rubromarginata G76
|    |    `–*D. r. deyrollei Spinola 1850 [incl. Platycoris affinis, P. distinctus] G76
|    `–D. immarginata [=Platycoris immarginatus] G76
|–Niarius Stål 1867 G76
|    |–*N. umbrosus (Stål 1865) [=Platycoris umbrosus] G76
|    |–N. haglundi Montandon 1903 G76
|    |–N. illuminatus Distant 1881 [incl. N. tryoni Bergroth 1905] G76
|    |–N. ooldeae Gross 1976 G76
|    `–N. venosus G76
`–Oncocoris Mayr 1866 G76
|–*O. punctatus Mayr 1866 G76
|–O. apicalis (Dallas 1851) [=Dictyotus apicalis] G76
|–O. desertus Bergroth 1916 G76
|–O. discoideus (Dallas 1851) [=Dictyotus discoideus] G75
|–O. favillaceus (Walker 1867) [=Tarba favillacea, Dictyotus favillaceus] G75
|–O. geniculatus (Dallas 1851) G76 (see below for synonymy)
|–O. lineatus G76
|–O. semimarginatus (Westwood 1837) [=Pentatoma semimarginata, Dictyotus semimarginatus] G75
|–O. similis (Dallas 1851) [=Dictyotus similis] G76
|–O. transversus (Carpenter 1891) [=Dictyotus transversus] G75
|–O. truncatellus (Walker 1868) [=Eysarcoris truncatellus, Dictyotus truncatellus] G75
`–O. ventralis (Walker 1867) [=Mormidea ventralis, Dictyotus ventralis] G75

Kalkadoona pallida (Van Duzee 1905) [=Dictyotus pallidus, *Stelgidophora pallida; incl. *K. centromaculata Distant 1910] G76

Oncocoris geniculatus (Dallas 1851) G76 [=Dictyotus geniculatus G76; incl. O. dimidiatus G76, D. lineatus Walker 1867 G75]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G75] Gross, G. F. 1975. Plant-feeding and Other Bugs (Hemiptera) of South Australia. Heteroptera—Part I. Handbook of the Flora and Fauna of South Australia.

[G76] Gross, G. F. 1976. Plant-feeding and Other Bugs (Hemiptera) of South Australia. Heteroptera—Part II. Handbook of the Flora and Fauna of South Australia.

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