Dowlingoceras gracile, with cross-section, from Sweet (1964).

Belongs within: Oncoceratida.

The Diestoceratidae were a family of cyrtoconic oncocerids from the Middle to Upper Ordovician with a characteristic cross-section.

Characters (from Sweet 1964): Compressed, straight to slightly endogastric brevicones. Siphuncle marginal, cyrtochoanitic with discrete, irregular actinosiphonate deposits.

    |--Xainzanoceras xainzaense Chen 1987K93
    |--Dowlingoceras Foerste 1928S64
    |    `--*D. gracile (Whiteaves 1892) [=Poterioceras gracile]S64
    |--Suttonoceras Miller & Youngquist 1947S64
    |    `--*S. rossorum Miller & Youngquist 1947S64
    |--Danoceras Troedsson 1926 [incl. Hyperoceras Foerste 1928]S64
    |    |--*D. ravni Troedsson 1926S64
    |    |--D. broggeriKE19
    |    `--D. inutile Flower 1952K93
    `--Diestoceras Foerste 1924S64
         |--*D. indianense (Miller & Faber 1894) [=Gomphoceras indianense]S64
         |--D. curtum Foerste 1935P68
         |--D. fremontense Foerste 1935P68
         |--D. kirki Foerste 1935P68
         |--D. landerenseP68
         |--D. lavalense Flower 1952K93
         |--D. magister Foerste 1935P68
         |--D. occidentale Foerste 1935P68
         |--D. scalare Foerste 1921K93
         |--D. schucherti Foerste 1928P68
         |--D. shideleri Foerste 1924P68
         |--D. sinclairi Flower 1952K93
         |--D. sycon Flower 1952K93
         `--D. walcotti Foerste 1935P68

*Type species of generic name indicated


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