Bay bean Canavalia rosea, copyright Bernard Dupont.

Belongs within: Papilionoideae.

The Diocleae are a group of leguminous shrubs and woody vines bearing trifoliolate leaves with stipels, inflorescences with swollen nodes at the pedicel insertions, and flowers with a distinct hypanthium and a calyx with lanceolate lobes.

<==Diocleae CP13
|–Canavalia DC. 1825 CP13, A61
|    |–C. ensiformis KBC03
|    |–C. maritima P88
|    |–C. microcarpa P88
|    |–C. obtusifolia DC. 1825 A61
|    |–C. papuana LK14
|    |–C. parviflora CP13
|    `–C. rosea LK14
`–+–Dioclea CP13
|    |  i. s.: D. megacarpa GE05
|    |–D. grandiflora CP13
|    `–+–D. lasiophylla CP13
|       `–+–Cleobulia multiflora CP13
|          `–Cymbosema roseum CP13
`–+–Lackeya multiflora CP13
`–+–Rhodopsis planisiliqua CP13
|–Bionia CP13
|    |–B. bella CP13
|    `–+–B. coriacea CP13
|       `–+–Camptosema spectabile CP13
|          `–Cratylia mollis CP13
`–+–Galactia CP13
|    |–G. striata CP13
|    `–G. tenuiflora B88
`–+–Camptosema ellipticum CP13
|–Collaea stenophylla CP13
`–‘Galactia’ martii CP13

*Type species of generic name indicated


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