Indian bluethread Burmannia coelestis, copyright Dinesh Valke.

Belongs within: Petrosaviidae.
Contains: Dioscoreaceae.

The Dioscoreales are a clade of forest-growing herbs and vines.

Characters (from Angiosperm Phylogeny Web): Steroidal saponins present; vascular bundles in rings; vessels also in stem and leaf; flowers or inflorescence with glandular hairs; styles free early in ontogeny, branches well developed, adaxially grooved; tepals persistent in fruit; ovules many/carpel; endotegmen tanniniferous; embryo at most short.

    |--Nartheciaceae [Nartheciales]DS04
    |    |--NartheciumCD07
    |    |    |--N. californicumH93
    |    |    `--N. ossifragum (Linnaeus) Huds. 1762CD07
    |    `--AletrisDS04
    |         |--A. farinosaDS04
    |         `--A. paucifloraO88
       `--Burmanniaceae [Burmanniales]DS04
            |  i. s.: CymbocarpaYY22
            |         DictyostegiaYY22
            |         GymnosiphonYY22
            |--Thismia Griff. 1844 [Thismiaceae, Thismieae]ME70
            |    |--T. arachnitesP88
            |    `--T. rodwayi Muell. 1890 [incl. Bagnisia hillii Cheesem. 1908]ME70
            `--BurmanniaDS04 [BurmannieaeME70]
                 |--B. bifloraDS04
                 |--B. coelestisDS04
                 |--B. junceaLK14
                 |--B. longifoliaDS04
                 |--B. lutescensDS04
                 `--B. madagascariensisDS04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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