Marbled lungfish Protopterus aethiopicus, photographed by Steve.

Belongs within: Sarcopterygii.
Contains: Dipnoi.

The Dipnomorpha includes the lungfish and their fossil relatives, united by the presence of jointed radials in the pectoral fins. Members of this clade have a fossil record going back to the Early Devonian (Zhu & Yu 2002).

Synapomorphies (from Zhu & Yu 2002): Anterior margin of parietal slightly posterior to orbits; parietal-supraorbital contact absent; denticulated field of parasphenoid with spiracular groove; axis of pectoral fin skeletion with more than five axial elements; pectoral fin radials jointed, axial elements bearing symmetrical array of preaxial and postaxial radials; enamel lining present in pore canals.

    |--+--Youngolepis [Youngolepididae, Youngolepiformes]ZY02
    |  |    `--Y. praecursor Zhang & Yu 1981S93
    |  `--DipnoiformesS93
    |       |--DipnoiTC71
    |       `--Diabolepis [Diabolepidida, Diabolepididae]ZY02
    |            `--D. speratus (Chang & Yu 1984)S93
    `--Porolepiformes [Holoptychiida, Porolepimorpha]ZY02
         |  i. s.: Powichthys thorsteinssoni Jessen 1975ZY02, S93
         |--Porolepis [Porolepididae]ZY13
         |    |--P. brevis Jarvik 1937S93
         |    |--P. elongata Jarvik 1937S93
         |    |--P. posnaniensis (Kade 1858)S93
         |    |--P. siegenensis Gross 1936S93
         |    `--P. spitsbergensis Jarvik 1937S93
              |--Holoptychius hibbertiT64
                   |--G. benedeniC02
                   |--G. groenlandicaGX17
                   `--G. leptopterus Agassiz 1844S93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[TC71] Thomson, K. S., & K. S. W. Campbell. 1971. The structure and relationships of the primitive Devonian lungfish—Dipnorhynchus sussmilchi (Etheridge). Yale University Peabody Museum of Natural History Bulletin 38: 1–109.

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