Wickerhamiella domercqiae, photographed by Linda Barnett.

Belongs within: Saccharomycetales.

The Dipodascales are a group of yeasts united by molecular data. Their cell walls may be composed of glucose, mannose and galactose, or of glucose and mannose alone, and they lack extracellular amyloid compounds (Schweigkofler et al. 2002).

| i. s.: Arxula Van der Walt, Sm. & Yamada 1989SL02, KC01
| `--A. adeninivoransSL02
|--Sporopachydermia Rodr. Mir. 1978EB03O, KC01
|--Yarrowia Van der Walt & Arx 1981EB03O, KC01
| `--Y. lipolyticaSL02
|--Galactomyces Redhead & Malloch 1977KC01
| `--G. geotrichumEB03O, SL02
|--Wickerhamiella Van der Walt 1973EB03O, KC01
| `--W. domercqiaeSL02
|--Zygoascus Sm. 1986EB03O, KC01
| `--Z. steatolyticusSS09
`--Dipodascus Lagerh. 1892 (see below for synonymy)KC01
|--D. albidusSL02
|--'Geotrichum’ candidumWB-P93
|--D. capitatusSL02
`--'Geotrichum’ fermentansSL02

Dipodascus Lagerh. 1892 [incl. Endyllium Clem. 1931, Fermentotrichon Novák & Zsolt 1961, Geotrichum Link 1809, Magnusiomyces Zender 1925, Oosporoidea Sumst. 1913, Polymorphomyces Coupin 1914, Zendera Redhead & Malloch 1977]KC01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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