Schematic illustration of Rhynchopus euleeides, with cut-away to illustrate flagellar and feeding apparatuses, from Roy et al. (2007). Scale bar = 2 µm.

Belongs within: Eukaryota.
Contains: Tetramitia, Euglenida, Kinetoplastea.

The Discoba are a clade of unicellular eukaryotes united by molecular phylogenetic analyses. The clade was defined by Adl et al. (2019) as that arising from the most recent common ancestor of Jakoba libera, Andalucia godoyi, Euglena gracilis, Naegleria gruberi and Tsukubamonas globosa.

|--Tsukubamonas Yabuki et al. 2011C-S18, AS12 [Tsukubamonadea, Tsukubamonadida]
| `--T. globosaAS12
|--Jakobida [Jakobea]AB19
| |--AndalucinaAB19
| | |--Andalucia Lara et al. 2006C-SCL15, AS12 [Andaluciidae]
| | | |--A. godoyi Lara et al. 2006HH09
| | | `--A. incarcerataC-SCL15
| | `--StygiellidaeAB19
| | |--Stygiella incarcerataLE18
| | `--VelundellaAB19
| `--HistioninaAB19
| | i. s.: MoramonasAB19
| |--‘Jakoba’ bahamensisC-SCL15
| `--+--Seculamonas ecuadoriensisC-SCL15
| `--+--Jakoba Patterson 1990C-SCL15, AS12 [Jakobidae]
| | |--J. incarcerata Bernard, Simpson & Patterson 2000SP01
| | `--J. libera (Ruinen 1938)HH09
| `--HistionidaeC-S03
| |--StenocodonAS12
| |--StomatochoneAS12
| |--Histiona Voigt 1902C-SCL15, C-S93
| | `--H. aroidesC-SCL15
| `--Reclinomonas Flavin & Nerad 1993C-S93
| |--R. americanaC-SCL15
| `--R. campanula [=Histiona campanula]C-S03
`--Discicristata [Discomitochondria]AB19
|--Heterolobosea [Percolozoa]C-S18
| |--TetramitiaAS12
| `--Pharyngomonas [Pharyngomonada]AS12
| `--P. kirbyiLE18
`--Euglenozoa [Plicostoma]C-S18
| i. s.: Heteromita Dujardin 1841AS12
| |--KinetoplasteaC-SCL15
| `--Symbiontida [Postgaardea, Postgaardida]AS12
| |--Postgaardi mariagerensisC-S10, S03
| |--Calkinsia aureusAS12
| `--BihospitesAS12
`--Diplonemea [Diplonemia, Diplonemida]AS12
|--Eupelagonema [Eupelagonemidae]AB19
|--HemistasiaAB19 [incl. Entomosigma Schiller 1925P99, FT93; HemistasiidaeAB19]
| |--‘Entomosigma’ peridinioidesGE87
| `--‘Entomosigma’ simplicius Conrad 1939S73
|--Diplonema Kjellm. 1855C-SCL15, KC01
| |--D. ambulator Larsen & Patterson 1990AS12
| `--D. papillatumC-S04
`--Rhynchopus Skuja 1948AB19, RF07
|--*R. amitusRF07
|--R. coscinodiscivorusRF07
`--R. euleeides Roy, Faktorová et al. 2007RF07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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