Discodoris boholiensis, copyright Prilfish.

Belongs within: Doridina.
Contains: Thordisa.

The Discodorididae are a group of nudibranchs united by the presence of a notched labium, small conical oral tentacles, two differentiated portions in the prostate, and two portions in the blood gland (Valdés 2002).

Discodorididae [Arginidae, Baptodorididae, Discodoridinae, Platydorididae]
|--Otinodoris White 1948V02
| `--*O. winckworthi White 1948V02
|--Sebadoris Marcus & Marcus 1960V02, BR05 [Sebadorididae, Sebadoridinae]
| |--S. nubilosa (Pease 1871)V02 (see below for synonymy)
| `--S. fragilis (Alder & Hancock 1864)WBS-S15
|--Peltodoris Bergh 1880 [incl. Phialodoris Bergh 1889]V02
| |--*P. atromaculata Bergh 1880 [=Discodoris atromaculata]V02
| `--‘Phialodoris’ potrida Bergh 1889V02
|--Discodoris Bergh 1877 [incl. Erythrodoris Pruvot-Fol 1933, Fracassa Bergh 1878, Tayuva Marcus & Marcus 1967]V02
| |--*D. boholiensis Bergh 1877 [incl. D. meta Bergh 1877]V02
| |--D. cebuensis Bergh 1877V02
| |--D. concinna (Alder & Hancock 1864)BD86 [=Doris concinnaV02]
| |--‘Doris’ crucis Mörch 1863V02
| |--‘*Erythrodoris’ dollfusi Pruvot-Fol 1933 (n. d.)V02
| |--‘Doris’ fragilis Alder & Hancock 1864V02
| |--‘Doris’ granulata Ehrenberg 1831V02
| |--D. heathi MacFarland 1905B77
| |--D. ketos (Marcus & Marcus 1967) [=*Tayuva ketos]V02
| | |--D. k. ketosV02
| | |--‘Tayuva’ k. gila Marcus & Marcus 1970V02
| | `--‘Tayuva’ k. juva Marcus & Marcus 1970V02
| |--D. mavis Marcus & Marcus 1967B77
| |--D. modesta Bergh 1877V02
| |--D. muta Bergh 1877V02
| |--D. notha Bergh 1877V02
| |--‘Doris’ pardalis Alder & Hancock 1864V02
| |--D. schmeltziana Bergh 1877V02
| |--D. stellifera (Vayssière 1904) [=Archidoris stellifera]V02
| `--D. zibethina (Bergh 1878) (n. d.) [=*Fracassa zibethina]V02
`--+--+--Paradoris Bergh 1884 [incl. Percunas Marcus 1970]V02
| | |--P. indecora (Bergh 1881) [=Discodoris indecora; incl. *P. granulata Bergh 1884]V02
| | |--P. ceneris Ortea 1995V02
| | |--P. leuca Miller 1995V02
| | |--P. mollis Ortea 1995V02
| | `--*Percunas’ mulciber Marcus 1970V02
| `--+--Geitodoris Bergh 1891V02, BR05 (see below for synonymy)
| | |--G. planata (Alder & Hancock 1846)V02 (see below for synonymy)
| | |--G. bonosi Ortea & Ballesteros 1981 [=*Verrillia bonosi]V02
| | |--*Carryodoris’ joubini Vayssière 1919V02
| | |--G. ohshimai Baba 1926V02
| | `--G. reticulata Eliot 1906V02
| `--+--Hoplodoris Bergh 1880V02, BR05 [Hoplodoridinae]
| | |--*H. desmoparypha Bergh 1880V02
| | |--H. estrelyado Gosliner & Behrens 1998V02
| | |--H. nodulosa (Angas 1864) [=Doris nodulosa]V02
| | `--H. novaezelandiae (Bergh 1904) [=Homoiodoris novaezelandiae]V02
| `--+--ThordisaV02
| `--+--Halgerda Bergh 1880V02, BR05 [Halgerdidae, Halgerdinae]
| | |--*H. formosa Bergh 1880BR17
| | |--H. brycei Fahey & Gosliner 2001WBS-S15
| | |--H. carlsoni Rudman 1978WBS-S15
| | |--H. punctata Farran 1905WBS-S15
| | |--H. rubra Bergh 1905DSA04
| | `--H. tessellata (Bergh 1880)BW09
| `--Asteronotus Ehrenberg 1831V02, BR05 (see below for synonymy)
| |--*A. hemprichi Ehrenberg 1831BR17
| |--A. alabastrinus (Cooper 1862) [=Doris (Asteronotus) alabastrina]C64
| |--A. cespitosus (van Hasselt 1824) (see below for synonymy)V02
| `--A. sanguineus (Cooper 1862) (see below for synonymy)C64
`--+--Thorybopus Bouchet 1977V02
|--Taringa Marcus 1955V02, BR05 [Taringinae]
| `--*T. telopia Marcus 1955BR17
|--Alloiodoris Bergh 1904V02
| |--*A. marmorataP61
| `--A. lanuginata (Abraham 1877)P61
|--Atagema Gray in Gray 1850V02
| |--*A. carinata (Quoy & Gaimard 1832) [=Doris carinata]P61
| |--A. intecta (Kelaart 1858)BW09
| `--A. spongiosa (Kelaart 1858)BW09
|--+--Diaulula Bergh 1878V02, BR05 [Diaululidae, Diaululinae]
| | `--*D. sandiegensis (Cooper 1863)BR17 [=Doris (Actinocyclus) sandiegensisBR17, C64]
| `--Anisodoris Bergh 1898V02 [incl. Montereina MacFarland 1905V03, V02]
| |--A. nobilis (MacFarland 1905)V03 [=*Montereina nobilisV02, DSA04, Peltodoris nobilisV02]
| `--‘Montereina’ concinna (Alder & Hancock 1864)WBS-S15
|--Rostanginae [Rostangidae]V02
| |--Awuka Marcus 1955V02
| |--Boreodoris Odhner 1939V02
| `--Rostanga Bergh 1879BR05
| |--*R. coccinea (Forbes 1848) [=Doris coccinea]BR17
| |--R. bifurcata Rudman & Avern 1989WBS-S15
| |--R. muscala (Abraham 1877)P61
| |--R. pulchra MacFarland 1905H01
| |--R. rubicunda (Cheeseman 1881)P61
| `--R. rubra Risso 1818V02
`--+--Nophodoris Valdés & Gosliner 2001V02
|--Sclerodoris Eliot 1904V02
| `--S. coriacea Eliot 1903H01
|--Kentrodoridinae [Centrodorididae, Kentrodorididae]V02
| |--Audura Bergh 1878V02
| |--Kentrodoris Bergh 1874BR05 [incl. Centrodoris Odhner in Franc 1968V02]
| | `--*K. rubescens Bergh 1874BR17
| `--Jorunna Bergh 1876V02
| |--J. funebris (Kelaart 1859)WBS-S15
| |--J. pantherina (Angas 1864)BW09
| `--J. rubescens Bergh 1876BW09
`--+--Baptodoris Bergh 1884V02, BR05 [Baptodoridinae]
| `--*B. cinnabarina Bergh 1884BR17
|--Gargamella Bergh 1894V02
| |--*G. immaculataP61
| `--G. novozealandica Eliot 1907P61
`--Platydoris Bergh 1877BR05
|--*P. argo (Linnaeus 1767) [=Doris argo]BR17
|--P. coriacea (Abraham 1777) [=Doris coriacea]H09
|--P. cruenta (Gray 1850) [=Asteronotus cruentus]H09
|--P. dierythros Fahey & Valdés 2003WBS-S15
|--P. duraPP64
|--P. formosa (Alder & Hancock 1864)WBS-S15
|--P. infrapicta (Smith 1884) [=Doris infrapicta]H09
`--P. scabra (Cuvier 1804)WBS-S15

Discodorididae incertae sedis:
Trippa Bergh 1877 [Trippidae, Trippinae]BR05
`--*T. ornata (Bergh 1877) [=Doriopsis ornata]BR17
Aporodoris Ihering 1886V02
`--A. rubra Bergh 1905DSA04
Nirva Bergh 1905V02
Dictyodoris Bergh 1880V02
Dystylodoris Odhner 1959V02
Carminodoris Bergh 1889V02
|--*C. mauritiana Bergh 1889V02
|--C. boucheti Ortea 1979V02
`--C. spinobranchialis Ortea & Martínez 1992V02
Gruvelia Risbec 1928 [Gruveliidae, Gruveliinae]BR05
`--*G. spahri Risbec 1928BR17
Artachaea Bergh 1882 [Artachaeinae]BR05
`--*A. rubida Bergh 1882V02
‘Argus’ Bohadsch 1761 (nom. rej.)BR05

Asteronotus Ehrenberg 1831V02, BR05 [incl. Xenodoris Odhner in Franc 1968 (n. n.)V02; Asteronotidae, Asteronotinae]

Asteronotus cespitosus (van Hasselt 1824) [incl. Doris sordida Rüppell & Leuckart 1830, *Xenodoris sordida]V02

Asteronotus sanguineus (Cooper 1862) [=Doris (Asteronotus) sanguinea non Hexabranchus sanguineus Rüppell & Leuckart 1831 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.)]C64

Geitodoris Bergh 1891V02, BR05 [incl. Carryodoris Vayssière 1919V02, Verrillia Ortea & Ballesteros 1981V02; Geitodorididae]

Geitodoris planata (Alder & Hancock 1846)V02 [=Doris planataV02, Discodoris planataV02; incl. Doris complanata Verrill 1889V02, BR17, *Geitodoris complanataV02, Doris testudinaria Risso 1818V02]

Sebadoris nubilosa (Pease 1871)V02 [=Doris nubilosaV02; incl. Thordisa crosslandi Eliot 1903V02, BR17, *Sebadoris crosslandiBR17, Diaulula gigantea Bergh 1905V02]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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