Male Dolichopus ungulatus, copyright Martin Cooper.

Belongs within: Dolichopodidae.

The Dolichopodinae are a group of dolichopodid flies characterised by a dorsally setose antennal scape and an enlarged, pedunculate hypopygium in the males. The subfamily is most diverse in the Holarctic realm (Bickel 2013). Species of the genus Dolichopus bear strong dorsal setae on the first tarsomere of the hind leg (Bickel 2009).

Characters (from Bickel 2013): Antennal scape with setae on dorsal surface; posterior mesonotum not flattened; vein M2 absent; femora II and III with strong anterior preapical setae; all tibiae with strong setae; male hypopygium pedunculate and enlarged, and projecting forward under preabdomen.

    |--Gymnopternus spectabilisB09
    |--Stenopygium punctipennisB09
    |--Cheiromyia palmaticornisB09
    |--Hercostomus Loew 1857B09, GTG19
    |    `--H. chetiferB09
    |--Pelastoneurus [incl. Proarchus, Sarcionus]B09
    |    `--P. vagansB09
    |--Eoeuryopterites Hong 2002H02
    |    `--*E. wanghuacunensis Hong 2002H02
    |--Orbicapitis Hong 2002H02
    |    `--*O. borealis Hong 2002H02
    |--Leptodolichopodites Hong 2002H02
    |    `--*L. longiflagellatus (Hong 1981) [=Dolichopus longiflagellatus]H02
    |--Convexivertex Hong 2002H02
    |    `--*C. viridulis Hong 2002H02
    |--Wangia Hong 2002H02
    |    `--*W. trichopoda (Hong 1981) [=Septocellula trichopoda]H02
    |--Arpactodolichopodites Hong 2002H02
    |    `--*A. eocenicus Hong 2002H02
    |--TachytrechusB13 [incl. GonioneurumB09, SyntomoneurumB09]
    |    |--T. tessellatusB13
    |    `--T. voraxB09
    |--Paraclius Loew 1864B13
    |    |--P. manglar Bickel 2013B13
    |    |--P. minutusB09
    |    |--P. obtusus Hardy 1939 [incl. P. albodivisus Parent 1941]B13
    |    |--P. sexmaculatus Bezzi 1928B13
    |    `--P. trisetosus Parent 1933B13
    `--Dolichopus Latreille 1809H02
         |--D. angustipennis Kertész 1901K01
         |--D. brevipennisK01
         |--D. caligatusK01
         |--D. cuprinusB09
         |--D. diadema [=Macrodolichopus diadema]H02
         |--D. disciferK01
         |--D. fasciatusG20
         |--D. longicornisK01
         |--D. longitarsisWJ18
         |--D. nobilitata [=Musca nobilitata]L02
         |--D. plumipesK01
         |--D. popularisRD77
         |--D. ungulatus (Linnaeus 1758)L02, L58 [=Musca ungulataL02]
         |--D. virensR26
         `--D. ziczacB13

*Type species of generic name indicated


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