Preserved leaves of Doliostrobus, copyright DagdaMor.

Belongs within: Coniferophyta.

The Doliostrobaceae were early Palaeogene conifers known from Europe that bore some resemblance to modern Araucariaceae.

Characters (from Kvaček 2002): Wood structure with abietoid pitting of tracheids and doliostroboid (not bordered) pits in cross field of branch wood, lacking ray tracheids and resin channels. Foliage shoots bearing polymorphic, helically arranged needle leaves, longer acicular to falcate, shorter appressed. Seed cones similar to those of Agathis, disintegrating at maturity into individual scales; cone scales flat, widely obtrullate to obovate in outline, apparently simple, with several longitudinal ridges corresponding to resin ducts, typically with apical spiny process; seeds free, inverse, one per scale (rarely two), with one large basal or basal-lateral wing, occasionally an additional opposite, more or less smaller wing. Pollen of Araucariacites type.

    |--Doliostroboxylon Dolezych in Junge, Dolezych et al. 2005 JD05
    |    `--*D. priscum (Prill) Dolezych in Junge, Dolezych et al. 2005 [=Podocarpoxylon priscum Prill 1913] JD05
    |    |--A. australis Cookson ex Couper 1953YB02
    |    |--A. europaeus Krutzsch 1971K02
    |    `--A. ghuneriensisVB02
    `--Doliostrobus Marion 1888 (nom. cons.) K02
         |--D. taxiformis (Sternberg) Kvaček 1971 (see below for synonymy)K02
         |    |--D. t. var. taxiformisK02
         |    |--D. t. var. hungaricus (Rásky) Kvaček & Hably 1998 (see below for synonymy)K02
         |    `--*D. t. var. sternbergii Mai & Walther ex Kvaček 2002 [=D. sternbergii Marion 1888 (nom. illeg.)]K02
         |--D. certusK02
         `--D. gurnardii [=Araucarites gurnardii]K02

Doliostrobus taxiformis (Sternberg) Kvaček 1971 [=Cystoseirites taxiformis Sternberg 1833, Araucarites taxiformis (Sternberg) Knobloch 1964; incl. Taiwania araucarioides]K02

Doliostrobus taxiformis var. hungaricus (Rásky) Kvaček & Hably 1998 [=Araucaria hungarica Rásky 1943, D. hungaricus (Rásky) Bůžek, Holý & Kvaček 1968]K02

*Type species of generic name indicated


[JD05] Junge, F. W., M. Dolezych, H. Walther, T. Böttger, A. Kühl, L. Kunzmann, P. Morgenstern, T. Steinberg & R. Stange. 2005. Ein Fenster in Landschaft und Vegetation vor 37 Millionen Jahren: Lithologische, sedimentgeochemische und paläobotanische Befunde aus einem Paläoflusssystem des Weißelsterbeckens. Mauritiana 19 (2): 185–273.

[K02] Kvaček, Z. 2002. Novelties on Doliostrobus (Doliostrobaceae), an extinct conifer genus of the European Palaeogene. Časopis Národního Muzea, Řada Přírodovědná 171 (1–4): 47–62.

[VB02] Vijaya & T. K. Bhattacharji. 2002. An Early Cretaceous age for the Rajmahal traps, Panagarh area, West Bengal: palynological evidence. Cretaceous Research 23: 789–805.

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