Donacia aquatica, copyright Siga.

Belongs within: Donaciinae.

Donacia is a cosmopolitan genus of leaf beetles feeding on aquatic plants. Members of the type subgenus lack coarse punctures on the pronotum and have the ventral punctation obscured by dense pubescence (Riley et al. 2002).

Characters (from Riley et al. 2002): Eyes entire; pronotal disc glabrous, or if pubescent then elytral apex truncate or elytra also pubescent; elytral apex truncate, with obtuse to acute outer angle; inner sutural bead of elytron before apex narrow, not expanded; subapical punctation of elytra more widely spaced and more or less regular; legs rufous to entirely metallic; metafemur usually with one or more subapical teeth; apical tarsomere much shorter than preceding tarsomeres combined; tarsomeres 1–3 with ventral pads; tarsal claws simple; aedeagal tegmen formed into complete ring around median lobe, with sclerotised dorsal cap.

Donacia Fabricius 1775RC02
|--D. (Askevoldia Kippenberg 1994)RC02
|--D. (Cyphogaster Groecke 1934)RC02
`--D. (Donaciomima Medvedev 1973)RC02

Donacia incertae sedis:
D. aeneaR26
D. aerariaJ89
D. aquaticaC01
D. australasiaeB74
D. biimpressaRC02
D. cinereaC01
D. clavipesC01
D. crassipes Fabricius 1775B14
D. dentata [incl. D. dentata var. angustata]C01
D. dentipesL02
D. distinctaRS15
D. hintihumeralis Komiya & Kubota 1987I92
D. katsurai Kimoto 1981I92
D. palustrisR26
D. simplexR26
D. typheaeR26
D. violaceaR26
D. vulgarisC01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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