Monterey sea lemons Doris montereyensis, copyright Ed Bierman.

Belongs within: Doridina.

The Dorididae are a group of nudibranchs united by the presence of small and blunt oral tentacles at both sides of the mouth area, and a smooth labial cuticle (Valdés 2002).

Dorididae [Archidorididae, Doridea, Doridia, Doridigitatidae]
    |  i. s.: Petelodoris Bergh 1881 V02
    |         Peronodoris Bergh 1904 V02
    |–Aldisa Bergh 1878 [Aldisidae, Aldisinae] V02
    |    `–*A. zetlandica (Alder & Hancock 1854) [=Doris zetlandica] V02
    |–+–Pharodoris Valdés 2001 V02
    |  `–Goslineria Valdés 2001 V02
    |–Conualevia Collier & Farmer 1964 [Conualeviidae, Conualeviinae, Conualevinae] V02
    |    |–*C. marcusi Collier & Farmer 1964 V02
    |    |–C. alba Collier & Farmer 1964 V02
    |    `–C. mizuna Marcus & Marcus 1967 PP78
    |–Aphelodoris Bergh 1879 V02
    |    |–*A. antillensis Bergh 1879 [incl. Doris bistellata Verrill 1900] V02
    |    |–A. affinis Eliot 1907 P61
    |    |–A. luctuosa (Cheeseman 1882) P61 [incl. A. cheesemani F27]
    |    `–A. purpurea Bergh 1905 P61
    `–+–Archidoris Bergh 1878 [=Anoplodoris Fischer 1883] V02
       |    |–A. pseudoargus (Rapp 1827) V03 (see below for synonymy)
       |    |–A. incerta Bergh 1898 H01
       |    |–A. johnstoni M01
       |    |–A. nanula Bergh 1904 P61
       |    |–A. nobilis Odhner 1907 H01
       |    |–A. violacea Bergh 1904 P61
       |    `–A. wellingtonensis (Abraham 1877) P61
       `–Doris Linnaeus 1758 (see below for synonymy) V02
            |–*D. verrucosa Linnaeus 1758 (see below for synonymy) V02
            |–D. albopunctata C64
            |–D. aspera M01
            |–D. bertheloti [=Doridigitata bertheloti] V02
            |–D. ‘carinata’ Alder & Hancock 1864 non Quoy & Gaimard 1832 V02
            |–D. eubalia Fischer 1872 V02
            |–‘Ctenodoris’ flabellifera (Cheeseman 1881) P61
            |–D. flammea Alder & Hancock 1844 V02
            |–D. granulosa (Pease 1860) (see below for synonymy) V02
            |–D. ilo (Marcus 1955) [=*Siraius ilo] V02
            |–D. immonda Risbec 1928 (see below for synonymy) V02
            |–D. kerguelenensis (Bergh 1884) (see below for synonymy) V02
            |–D. loveni N79
            |–D. marmorata Risso 1818 B77
            |–D. mera Alder & Hancock 1844 V02
            |–D. montereyensis Cooper 1862 V02
            |–D. muricata N79
            |–D. nucleola Pease 1860 [incl. D. carina Abraham 1877, D. papillosa Pease 1860, D. tincta Pease 1864] V02
            |–D. obvelata N79
            |–D. ocelligera (Bergh 1881) B77
            |–D. pecten (Eliot 1906) [=Staurodoris pecten, *Ctenodoris pecten] V02
            |–D. seposita Fischer 1872 V02
            |–D. sticta Iredale & O’Donoghue 1923 V02
            |–D. tricolor (Baba 1938) [=*Neodoris tricolor non D. tricolor Cantraine 1841 (not preoc. if in dif. gen.)] V02
            `–‘Doriopsis’ viridis Pease 1861 V02

Archidoris pseudoargus (Rapp 1827) V03 [=Doris pseudoargus V02; incl. D. flavipes Leuckart 1828 V02, D. leuckartii Delle Chiaje 1841 V02, D. schembrii Verany 1846 V02, D. tuberculata Bergh 1878 non Müller 1778 V02, *Anoplodoris tuberculata V02, *Archidoris tuberculata V02]

Doris Linnaeus 1758 [=Doridigitata d’Orbigny 1839, Staurodoris Bergh 1878; incl. Austrodoris Odhner 1926, Ctenodoris Eliot 1907, Doriopsis Pease 1860, Doriorbis Kay & Young 1969, Guyonia Risbec 1928, Neodoris Baba 1938, Siraius Marcus 1955; Doridinae, Neodoridinae] V02

Doris granulosa (Pease 1860) [=*Doriopsis granulosa; incl. Doris (Ctenodoris) aurantiaca Eliot 1913, Doris flabellifera Cheeseman 1881, Doriopsis scabra Pease 1871, *Guyonia flava Risbec 1928] V02

Doris immonda Risbec 1928 [=Platydoris immonda; incl. Doris nucleola Kay & Young 1969 non Pease 1860, *Doriorbis nucleola, Siraius nucleola] V02

Doris kerguelenensis (Bergh 1884) [=Archidoris kerguelenensis, Austrodoris kerguelenensis; incl. Ar. australis Bergh 1884, Au. crenulata Odhner 1926, Au. georgiensis García et al. 1993, Au. macmurdensis Odhner 1934, Au. michaelseni Odhner 1926, Au. mishu Marcus 1985, Au. nivium Odhner 1934, Archidoris rubescens Bergh 1898, *Au. rubescens, Au. tomentosa Odhner 1934, Au. vicentei Marcus 1985] V02

*Doris verrucosa Linnaeus 1758 [=*Doridigitata verrucosa, *Staurodoris verrucosa; incl. Doris biscayensis Fischer 1872, Doris derelicta Fischer 1867, Staurodoris bobretzkii Gadzikiewicz 1907, S. januari Bergh 1878, S. verrucosa var. mollis Eliot 1906] V02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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