Element of Drepanoistodus suberectus, copyright Olle Hints.

Belongs within: Conodonti.

The Drepanoistodontidae are a group of conodonts known from the Ordovician possessing apparatus composed of recurved and/or geniculate coniform elements (Sweet 1988). Members of this family comprise the core of what has been recognised as the form-family Distacodontidae; however, the use of this latter name was discouraged by Sweet (1988) due to the type genus Distacodus being a nomen dubium of uncertain affinities.

Members of the basal genus Paltodus had a quinquimembrate apparatus with a geniculate coniform element in the M position and asymmetrically bicostate nongeniculate element in the P positions (Sweet 1988).

<==Drepanoistodontidae [Distacodontacea, Distacodontidae]S88
    |--Nordiodus Serpagli 1967AS93
    |--Acodina Stauffer 1940H62
    |    `--A. cuspidata (Stauffer 1940)WSQ86
    |--Decoriconus Cooper 1975AS93
    |    `--D. fragilis (Branson & Mehl 1933)AS93
    |--Acontiodus Pander 1856H62
    |    |--*A. latus Pander 1856H62
    |    `--A. franconicusLM05
    |--Distacodus Pander 1856 (n. d.)S88 [=Machairodus Pander 1856 non Kaup 1833H62; incl. Machairodia Smith 1907H62]
    |    |--*D. incurvus (Pander 1856) [=*Machairodus incurvus]H62
    |    `--D. ensiformisH62
    |--Scandodus Lindström 1955AS93
    |    |--*S. furnishi Lindström 1954DJ71
    |    |--S. flexuosusPBJ03
    |    |--S. oelandicusDJ71
    |    `--S. sinuosusPBJ03
    |--Paltodus Pander 1856S88
    |    |--*P. subequalis Pander 1856H62
    |    |--P. deltifer (Lindström 1955)AS93
    |    |--P. jemtlandicusPBJ03
    |    |--P. spuriusLM05
    |    `--P. truncatusH62
    |--Paroistodus Lindström 1971S88
    |    |--P. horridus (Barnes & Poplawski 1973)S88
    |    |--P. numarcuatusS88
    |    |--P. originalisPBJ03
    |    |--P. parallelusPBJ03
    |    `--P. proteusPBJ03
    `--Drepanoistodus Lindström 1971SS05
         |--*D. forceps (Lindström 1955) [=Oistodus forceps]SS05
         |--D. angulensisPBJ03
         |--D. basiovalisPBJ03
         |--D. concavusPBJ03
         |--D. inaequalis (Pander 1856)AS93
         |--D. latusPBJ03
         |--D. lucidusPBJ03
         |--D. nowlaniAB04
         `--D. suberectus (Branson & Mehl 1933)SS05 (see below for synonymy)

Drepanoistodus suberectus (Branson & Mehl 1933)SS05 [=Oistodus suberectusSS05, Drepanodus suberectusDJ71; incl. D. homocurvatusDJ71, Oistodus inclinatusDJ71]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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