Undescribed species of Cyrtogenius, photographed by Jiri Hulcr.

Belongs within: Hylesininae.

Cyrtogenius is a genus of bark beetles found from Africa to Micronesia; members of this genus are phloeophagous and heterosanguineously polygynous (Wood 1986).

<==Dryocoetini [Dryocoetina, Dryocoetoideae, Taphrorychini, Thamnurginae]
    |--Toxophthorus Wood 1986 [=Toxophorus Eggers 1920 (preoc.)]W86
    |    `--*T. africanus (Eggers 1920) [=*Toxophorus africanus]W86
    |--Taphramites Schedl 1947W86
    |    `--*T. gnathotrichus Schedl 1947W86
    |--Thamnurgus Eichhoff 1864W86
    |    `--*T. euphorbiae [=Bostrichus euphorbiae]W86
    |--Chiloxylon Schedl 1959W86
    |    `--*C. rufulusW86
    |--Dactylotrypes Eggers 1927W86
    |    `--D. longicollis [=Xyloterus longicollis; incl. *D. uyttenboogaarti]W86
    |--Dendrocranulus Schedl 1937W86
    |    `--*D. tardusW86
    |--Lymantor Lovendal 1889W86
    |    `--‘Tomicus’ coryli [incl. *Lymantor sepicola]W86
    |--Taphronurgus Reitter 1913W86
    |    `--*T. exul [=Thamnurgus exul]W86
    |--Dolurgocleptes Schedl 1965W86
    |    `--*D. malgassicusW86
    |--Dendrographus Schedl 1964 [incl. Protopityophthorus Schedl 1973]W86
    |    `--*D. pygmaeus [=Pelicerus pygmaeus; incl. *Protopityophthorus durus]W86
    |--Peridryocoetes Wood 1984W86
    |    `--*P. nitens [=Ozodendron nitens]W86
    |--Ozopemon Hagedorn 1908W86
    |    `--*O. regiusW86
    |--Dryoxylon Bright & Rabaglia 1999A02
    |    `--D. onoharaensum (Murayama 1934) [=Xyleborus onoharaensus]A02
    |--Dryocoetiops Schedl 1957W86
    |    |--*D. laevis [=Ozopemon laevis]W86
    |    `--D. coffeaeW86
    |--Triotemnus Wollaston 1864 [incl. Cladoctoproctus Schedl 1975]W86
    |    |--*T. subretususW86
    |    `--T. scrafa [=*Cladoctoproctus scrafa]W86
    |--Tiarophorus Schreiner 1882 (see below for synonymy)W86
    |    |--*T. elongatusW86
    |    |--T. camerunus [=*Hypaspistes camerunus, *Orthaspistes camerunus]W86
    |    `--T. scrutator [=Thamnurgus scrutator, *Pseudothamnurgus scrutator]W86
    |--Xylocleptes Ferrari 1867 [incl. Hylonius Nunberg 1973, Xestips Hagedorn 1912]W86
    |    |--*X. bispinus [=Bostrichus bispinus]W86
    |    |--X. brunneus [=*Hylonius brunneus]W86
    |    `--X. marginatus [=*Xestips marginatus]W86
    |--Taphrorychus Eichhoff 1878 (see below for synonymy)W86
    |    |--*T. bicolor [=Bostrichus bicolor]W86
    |    |--T. machnovskii [=Hypothenemus machnovskii, *Saliciphilus machnovskii]W86
    |    |--T. mikuniyamensis [=*Pseudopoecilips mikuniyamensis]W86
    |    `--T. primitus [=*Taphroterus primitus]W86
    |--Coccotrypes Eichhoff 1878A02 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--*C. dactyliperda [=Bostrichus dactyliperda]W86
    |    |--C. advena [incl. *Thamnurgides persicae]W86
    |    |--C. carpophagus (Hornung 1842)M94 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--C. rhizophorae [=*Spermatoplex rhizophorae, *Dendrurgus rhizophorae]W86
    |    `--C. sannio [=*Poecilips sannio]W86
    |--Dryocoetes Eichhoff 1864MPJ18, W86 [=Anodius Motschulsky 1860 (nom. rej.)W86; incl. Dryocoetinus Balachowsky 1949W86]
    |    |--*D. autographus [=Bostrichus autographus, *Anodius autographus]W86
    |    |--D. affaberA02
    |    |--D. alniMPJ18
    |    |--D. betulae Hopkins 1915A02
    |    |--D. confususW86
    |    `--D. villosus [=Bostrichus villosus, *Dryocoetinus villosus]W86
    `--Cyrtogenius Strohmeyer 1910 (see below for synonymy)W86
         |--*C. bicolorW86
         |--C. africanus [=*Metahylastes africanus]W86
         |--C. aries [=*Artepityophthorus aries]W86
         |--C. grandis [=Pelicerus grandis, *Ozodendron grande]W86
         |--C. kumatoensis [=*Orosiotes kumatoensis]W86
         |--C. movoliae [=*Mimidendrulus movoliae]W86
         |--C. nitidus [=Lepicerus nitidus, *Pelicerus nitidus]W86
         |--C. pini [=*Carposinus pini]W86
         |--C. rugipennis [=*Carpophloeus rugipennis]W86
         `--C. vaticae [=*Taphroborus vaticae]W86
Nomen nudum: *Taphrostenoxis tenuis Schedl in Wood 1986W86

Coccotrypes Eichhoff 1878A02 [incl. Cryphaloides Formenek 1908W86, Dendrurgus Eggers 1923W86, Hyphaene Hagedorn 1913 (n. n.)W86, Poecilips Schaufuss 1897W86, Spermatoplex Hopkins 1915W86, Thamnurgides Hopkins 1915W86]

Coccotrypes carpophagus (Hornung 1842)M94 [=Bostrichus carpophagusM94; incl. *Cryphaloides donisthorpeiW86, *Hyphaene guineensis (n. n.)W86]

Cyrtogenius Strohmeyer 1910 [=Kyrtogenius; incl. Artepityophthorus Schedl 1969, Carpophloeus Schedl 1959, Carposinus Hopkins 1915, Eulepiops Schedl 1939, Metahylastes Eggers 1922, Mimidendrulus Schedl 1957, Orosiotes Niisima 1917, Ozodendron Schedl 1957, Pelicerus Eggers 1923, Taphroborus Nunberg 1961, Taphrostenoxis Schedl in Wood 1986 (n. n.)]W86

Taphrorychus Eichhoff 1878 [incl. Pseudopoecilips Murayama 1957, Saliciphilus Sokanovskii 1954, Taphroterus Schedl 1965]W86

Tiarophorus Schreiner 1882 [incl. Hypaspistes Hagedorn 1908 (preoc.), Orthaspistes Hagedorn 1909, Pseudothamnurgus Eggers 1912]W86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[W86] Wood, S. L. 1986. A reclassification of the genera of Scolytidae (Coleoptera). Great Basin Naturalist Memoirs 10: 1–126.

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