Ducula aenea

Green imperial pigeon Ducula aenea pusilla, copyright Lip Kee.

Belongs within: Ducula.

Ducula aenea, the green imperial pigeon, is a large canopy-dwelling pigeon found in southern Asia.

Characters (from Rutgers & Norris 1972): Sexes alike. Head, neck,breast and abdomen pale vinaceous-grey, almost white on forehead and chin. Mantle, back, wings and tail glossy green washed with coppery-bronze, the primaries dark blue-green. Under tail coverts chestnut. Iris glowing red; beak blue-grey, crimson at base of upper mandible; legs and feet dark crimson.

<==Ducula aeneaJT12 [=Carpophaga aeneaT62]
    |--D. a. aeneaT62
    |--D. a. chalyburaT62
    |--D. a. consobrinaT62
    |--D. a. fugaensisT62
    |--D. a. mistaT62
    |--D. a. nicobaricaT62
    |--D. a. nuchalisRN72
    |--D. a. palawanensisT62
    |--D. a. paulinaT62
    |--D. a. pulchellaT62
    |--D. a. pusillaT62
    |--D. a. sulanaT62
    `--D. a. sylvaticaT62

*Type species of generic name indicated


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