Eatoniella (Dardanula)

‘Dardanula’ roseola, copyright Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Belongs within: Cingulopsoidea.

The subgenus Dardanula of the genus Eatoniella is characterised by an opaque shell together with a solid operculum with weak or no spiral sculpture.

<==Eatoniella (Dardanula Iredale 1915)TTE93, P61
|--‘Dardanula’ fuscozonaF27
|--‘Dardanula’ roseocincta (Suter 1908)F27, P61 [=Rissoa roseocinctaF27]
|--‘Dardanula’ roseola Iredale 1915F27, P61 [=Rissoa roseolaF27; incl. R. roseaF27]
| |--D. r. roseolaP61
| `--D. r. lacteola Powell 1955P61
`--+--‘Dardanula’ limbata (Hutton 1883)F27, P61
`--‘Dardanula’ rivertonensisF27

Eatoniella (Dardanula) incertae sedis:
*Dardanula’ olivacea (Hutton 1882) [=Dardania olivacea]P61
|--D. o. olivaceaP61
|--D. o. annulata (Hutton 1884)P61
`--D. o. lutea ((Suter 1908)P61
‘Dardanula’ bollonsi Powell 1955P61
‘Dardanula’ chiltoni (Suter 1909)P61
‘Dardanula’ convexispira Powell 1955P61
‘Dardanula’ minutula Powell 1937P61
‘Dardanula’ obtusispira Powell 1955P61
‘Dardanula’ pallida Powell 1937P61
E. (D.) praecursor (Laws 1939)TTE93
‘Dardanula’ roseospira Powell 1937P61
E. (D.) sedicula (Laws 1941)TTE93
E. (D.) subexcavata (Laws 1941)TTE93
‘Dardanula’ tenella Powell 1937P61

*Type species of generic name indicated


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