Echmepteryx hageni, copyright Katja Schulz.

Belongs within: Lepidopsocidae.

Echmepteryx is a cosmopolitan genus of scaly barklice.

Characters (from Mockford 1993): Antenna with fewer than forty segments. Fore wing with vein R1 generally joined to Rs stem by crossvein; anterior wing catch relatively short and thick.

<==Echmepteryx Aaron 1886 M93
|  i. s.: E. anomala S95
|         E. frontalis Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991 NL07
|         E. lacinipennis Enderlein 1926 NL07
|         E. lawrencei Smithers 1995 NL07
|         E. lineata Vaughan, Thornton & New 1991 NL07
|         E. malayensis New 1975 NL07
|         E. pletschi S95
|         E. similis Badonnel 1955 B55
|–E. (Echmepteryx) NL07
|    |–*E. (E.) hageni (Packard 1870) M93 [=Amphientomum hageni NL07; incl. E. agilis Aaron 1886 M93]
|    |–E. (E.) barba M93
|    |–E. (E.) intermedia Mockford 1974 M93
|    |–E. (E.) lealae M93
|    |–E. (E.) submontana M93
|    |–E. (E.) vara M93
|    `–E. (E.) youngi Mockford 1974 M93
|–E. (*Loxopholia) pinnula NL07
|–E. (*Oxypsocus) hamiltoni NL07
|–E. (*Thylacomorpha) symmetrolepis NL07
`–E. (Thylacopsis Enderlein 1911) M93
|–E. (*T.) mihira [=Thylax mihira] NL07
|–E. (T.) falco (Badonnel 1949) M93 [=Thylacopsis falco B49]
|–E. (T.) lunulata Thornton, Lee & Chui 1972 NL07
|–E. (T.) madagascariensis (Kolbe 1885) NL07 (see below for synonymy)
`–E. (T.) pallida Smithers 1965 S95

Echmepteryx (Thylacopsis) madagascariensis (Kolbe 1885) NL07 [=Thylax madagascariensis M93; incl. Thylacopsis albidus Badonnel 1949 M93, Echmepteryx albidus M93, E. costalis Banks 1931 M93, Lepidopsocus costalis M93]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[S95] Smithers, C. N. 1995. Psocoptera (Insecta) of Christmas Island. Invertebrate Taxonomy 9: 529–561.

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