Section of Sarcocystis cyst in pig muscle, copyright Froggerlaura.

Belongs within: Sporozoa.
Contains: Eimeria.

The Eimeriorina are a group of intracellular parasites in which macro- and microgametes are produced independently (Adl et al. 2019).

Characters (from Adl et al. 2019): Microgametes and macrogametes develop independently; syzygy is absent; microgamonts produce large number of cilated microgametes; zygote is nonmotile; sporozoites always enclosed in sporocyst within oocyst.

<==Eimeriorina [Eimeriida]AS12
    |--+--Goussia janaeSM10
    |  `--+--+--‘Eimeria’ adeneodeiSM10
    |     |  `--‘Eimeria’ tenellaSM10
    |     `--+--Lankesterella minimaSM10
    |        `--+--+--EimeriaSM10
    |           |  `--+--Atoxoplasma adieiSM10, K92
    |           |     `--‘Isospora’ robiniSM10
    |           `--+--Caryospora bigeneticaSM10
    |              `--CyclosporaSM10
    |                   |--C. cayetanensisN00
    |                   |--C. colobiSM10
    |                   `--C. papionisSM10
    `--+--+--Hyaloklossia lieberkuehniSM10
       |  `--+--+--Besnoitia besnoitiSM10
       |     |  `--+--Toxoplasma gondiiSM10
       |     |     |--Hammondia hammondiSM10
       |     |     `--Neospora caninumSM10
       |     `--+--CystoisosporaSM10
       |        |    |--C. felisK92
       |        |    `--C. ohioensisSM10
       |        `--IsosporaSM10
       |             |--I. belliSM10
       |             |--I. felisMO08
       |             |--I. hominisMS98
       |             `--I. lacaziiRN72
       `--+--+--‘Sarcocystis’ gallotiaeSM10
          |  `--FrenkeliaSM10
          |       |--F. glareoliSM10
          |       `--F. microtiSM10
               `--Sarcocystis [Sarcocystidae]SM10
                    |  i. s.: S. bettongiae Bourne 1932B32
                    |         S. blanchardiB32
                    |         S. buffalonisBB02
                    |         S. darlingi (Brumpt 1913)B32
                    |         S. falcatula (Stiles 1893) [=Balbiana falcatula]DC03
                    |         S. fusiformisSM03
                    |         S. giganteaWPB98
                    |         S. hircicanisK92
                    |         S. hominisN00
                    |         S. lindsayiDC03
                    |         S. macropodisB32
                    |         S. miescherianaB32
                    |         S. murisB32
                    |         S. neuronaDC03
                    |         S. pythonis Tiegs 1931B32
                    |         S. rileyi (Stiles 1893) [=Balbianea rileyi]DC03
                    |         S. speeriDC03
                    |         S. suihominisN00
                    |         S. tenella [incl. Balbiana gigantea]B32
                    |--S. singaporensisSM10
                    `--+--S. cruziSM10
                       `--S. hirsutaSM10
Eimeriorina incertae sedis:
    |--S. bolivariK92
    `--S. occidentalis Bonorris & Ball 1955NR64

*Type species of generic name indicated


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