Oratemnus sp., copyright K. Edward.

Belongs within: Panctenata.
Contains: Sternophoridae, Cheiridioidea, Chernetidae, Cheliferinae, Atemninae, Withiidae.

The Elassommatina is a clade of pseudoscorpions including species in which all legs have five post-coxal segments (with the tarsus undivided), and which have two or no eyes (Muchmore 1990).

    |  `--CheiridioideaMHG08
    `--Cheliferoidea [Miratemnidae]MHG08
         |  i. s.: Levichelifer [incl. Ocalachelifer]M90
         |           |--L. cribratusM90
         |           `--L. fulvopalpusM90
         |         Paratemnus elongatusM90
         |         DiplotemnusM90 [incl. Orochelifer Chamberlin 1933 (n. n.)J97]
         |           |--D. insolitus Chamberlin 1933 [=Orochelifer insolitus]J97
         |           |--D. insularis Chamberlin 1933J97
         |           `--D. rothiM90
         |         Haplochelifer philipi (Chamberlin 1923) [=Chelifer philipi]J97
         |         TyrannocheliferJ97
         |           |--T. floridanusM90
         |           `--T. imperator (With 1908) [=Chelifer imperator]J97
         |         EllingseniusJ97
         |           |--E. sculpturatus (Lewis 1903) [=Chelifer sculpturatus]J97
         |           `--E. ugandanus Beier 1935J97
         |         Pugnochelifer amoenusM90
         |         DactylocheliferM90
         |           |--D. copiosusM90
         |           |--D. latreillii (Leach 1817) [=Chelifer latreillii, D. latreillei]J97
         |           `--D. silvestrisM90
         |         Florichelifer aureusM90
         |         Parachelifer sini (Chamberlin 1923) [=Chelifer sini]J97
         |         Xenochelifer davidiM90
         |         Aspurochelifer littlefieldiM90
         |         HysterocheliferJ97
         |           |--H. meridianus (Koch 1873) [=Chelifer meridianus]J97
         |           |--H. orientalis Beier 1967 [incl. Metachelifer hyatti Ćurčić 1981, H. nepalensis Beier 1974]J97
         |           `--H. tuberculatus (Lucas 1849) [incl. Chelifer lampropsalis Koch 1873]J97
         |         Phorochelifer mundusM90
         |         IdiocheliferM90
         |           |--I. brevidigitatusH81
         |           `--I. nigripalpusM90
         |         PaisocheliferM90
         |           |--P. callusM90
         |           `--P. utahensisM90
         |         Progonatemnus succineus Beier 1955S93
         |         Trachychelifer liaoningense Hong 1983S93
         |         ElectrocheliferP92
         |         Oligochelifer berendtiiP92
         |         Pycnochelifer kleemanniP92
         |         OligowithiusP92
         |         RhacocheliferJ97
         |           |--R. disjunctus (Koch 1873) [=Chelifer disjunctus]J97
         |           `--R. maculatus (Koch 1873) [=Chelifer maculatus]J97
         |         LophochernesJ97
         |           |--L. capensis (Beier 1947) [=Allowithius capensis, Withius capensis]J97
         |           |--L. cryptus Chamberlin 1934J97
         |           |--L. frater Beier 1944J97
         |           |--L. mucronatusJ97
         |           `--L. tibetanus Beier 1943J97
         |         Strobilochelifer grandimanus Beier 1943J97
         |         ParatemnoidesJ97
         |           |--P. nidificator Balzan 1888WR08
         |           |--P. perpusillus (Beier 1935) [=Paratemnus perpusillus]J97
         |           |--P. plebejus (With 1906) [=Chelifer plebejus]J97
         |           |--P. pococki (With 1907) [=Chelifer pococki, Paratemnus pococki]JG19
         |           `--P. salomonis (Beier 1935) [=Paratemnus salomonis; incl. Paratemnus salomonis papuanus Beier 1948]J97
         |                |--P. s. salomonisJ97
         |                `--P. s. hebridicus (Beier 1940) [=Paratemnus salomonis hebridicus]J97
         |         Cheirochelifer heterometrus (Koch 1873) [=Chelifee (l. c. for Chelifer) heterometrus]J97
         |         Pilochelifer insularis Beier 1935J97
         |         Lissochelifer insularis (Beier 1940) [=Lophochelifer insularis]J97
         |         Telechelifer lophonotus Chamberlin 1949J97
         |         Hansenius mirabilis Beier 1933J97
         |         Litochelifer nidicola Beier 1948J97
         |         Lophodactylus rex (With 1908) [=Chelifer rex]J97
         |         StenocheliferJ97
         |           |--*S. indicusJ97
         |           `--S. socotrensis (With 1905) [=Chelifer socotrensis, Hansenius socotrensis]J97
         |         Canarichelifer Beier 1965CH21
              |  i. s.: Australochelifer Beier 1974H81
              |           `--*A. pygmaeus Beier 1974H81
              |  `--Philomaoria [Philomaoriinae]MHG08
              |       `--P. pallipes (White 1849)T13 [=Chelifer pallipesT13; incl. P. novazealandica Chamberlin 1931J97]
                    |    |--AtemninaeMHG08
                    |    `--MiratemnusMHG08 [MiratemninaeHC21]
                    `--+--Parazaona ellingsenii (With 1908)MHG08, J97 [=Chelifer ellingseniiJ97]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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