Elatichrosis dirana, copyright Museums Victoria.

Belongs within: Denticollinae.

Elatichrosis is an eastern Australian genus of click beetles with serrate antennae (Calder 1996).

Characters (from Neboiss 1960): Head slightly bent downward, about as wide as long, moderately to strongly punctate, frons with triangular median or pair of oval depressions, frontal carina incomplete in middle. Labrum semicircular, wider than long. Maxillary palps with terminal segment hatchet-shaped. Antennae short to moderately long, serrate, 1st segment thickened, 2nd very short, 3rd longer than 2nd, succeeding ones flattened triangular to elongate, last segment recessed at apex. Pronotum elongate, sparsely to densely punctate, longer than wide, sides more or less parallel; median groove distinct, shallow to deep; lateral grooves less distinct; posterior angles acute, more or less divergent; lateral carina incomplete anteriorly or entirely absent; dorsolateral carina, when present, short, seldom extending further than one-third of length of pronotum. Shape of scutellum variable. Elytra gradually narrowed or semiparallel, evenly rounded at apex; striae punctate, well defined, moderately deep; intervals flat to slightly convex, punctures usually arranged more or less in rows near striae. Legs slender, moderately long, tarsi simple, pilose beneath, segments 1–4 diminishing in length, 5th segment long. Aedeagus with narrow, tapering median lobe, pointed at apex, furca gradually widening, rounded; lateral lobes with apical hooks short, acute, triangular. Female internal organs of reproduction formed by vagina being gradually widened to bursa copulatrix, latter with pair of elongate spiny plates, and few separate, larger or smaller, chitinous spines; colleterial glands short, round; base of spermathecal duct widened to elongate sack, covered with small chitinous spines, and connected to bursa copulatrix by narrow neck.

<==Elatichrosis Hyslop 1921 [=Chrosis Candèze 1863 non Guenée 1845]C96
    |--*E. exarata (Candèze 1863) [=*Chrosis exarata]C96
    |--E. adusta Neboiss 1960C96
    |--‘Chrosis’ aeneolaC84
    |--E. angusticollis (Blackburn 1900) [=Chrosis angusticollis]C96
    |--‘Chrosis’ bifoveolataC84
    |--E. bullarta Neboiss 1960C96
    |--‘Chrosis’ caledonicaC84
    |--‘Chrosis’ castaneaC84
    |--‘Chrosis’ certaC84
    |--E. clivalis Neboiss 1960C96
    |--E. dirana Neboiss 1960C96
    |--‘Chrosis’ fulvipesC84
    |--E. gananga Neboiss 1960C96
    |--E. kituga Neboiss 1960C96
    |--E. lansbergei (Candèze 1882) [=Chrosis lansbergei]C96
    |--‘Chrosis’ livensC84
    |--‘Chrosis’ politaC84
    |--E. sequestris Neboiss 1960C96
    |--E. trisulcata (Erichson 1842)C96 [=Pristilophus trisulcatusN60, Chrosis trisulcataM86]
    |--‘Chrosis’ violacea Sharp 1881N60
    |--E. vrydaghi Neboiss 1960C96
    `--E. wilsoni Neboiss 1960C96

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C84] Calder, A. A. 1984. Acritelater (Coleoptera: Elateridae), a new genus of click beetle from New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Zoology 11 (1): 35–42.

[C96] Calder, A. A. 1996. Click beetles: genera of the Australian Elateridae (Coleoptera). CSIRO Australia: Collingwood.

[M86] Masters, G. 1886. Catalogue of the described Coleoptera of Australia. Part IV. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 1 (2): 259–380.

[N60] Neboiss, A. 1960. The genera Elatichrosis Hyslop and Lingana, gen. nov. (Coleoptera: Elateridae). Australian Journal of Zoology 8 (2): 289–306.

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