Eleale intricata, from Field Guide to the Insects of Tasmania.

Belongs within: Cleridae.

Eleale is an Australian genus of checkered beetles with finely faceted eyes and clubbed antennae with a more or less emarginate apical segment.

    |--E. alboscutellata Chev. 1874M86
    |--E. anormis Chev. 1874M86
    |--E. apicalis Macleay 1872M86
    |--E. aspera Newm. 1841 [incl. E. herbacea, E. rugosa Newm. 1842, E. unicolor]M86
    |--E. aulicodes Gorham 1876M86
    |--E. basicornis Chev. 1878M86
    |--E. brevicornis Chev. 1874M86
    |--E. brevis Gorham 1876M86
    |--E. chloris Chev. 1878M86
    |--E. chrysidea Westw. 1852 [incl. E. aeruginosa Westw. 1852, E. atricornis Westw. 1852]M86
    |--E. disparipes Chev. 1874M86
    |--E. elongatula Macleay 1872M86
    |--E. excavata Westw. 1852M86
    |--E. fasciata Macleay 1872M86
    |--E. flavicornis Bohem. 1858M86
    |--E. herbacea Chev. 1874M86
    |--E. intricataM86
    |--E. lanata Chev. 1874M86
    |--E. latefasciata Gorham 1876M86
    |--E. laticincta Chev. 1874M86
    |--E. lepida Pascoe 1860M86
    |--E. obscura Newm. 1841M86
    |--E. pulchra Newm. 1841 [incl. E. bimaculata]M86
    |--E. reicheiM86
    |--E. scrobiculata [incl. E. foveolata]M86
    |--E. sellata Pascoe 1860M86
    |--E. semichrysea Chev. 1874M86
    |--E. simplex [incl. E. leucaspis]M86
    |--E. simulans Pascoe 1860M86
    |--E. smaragdina Chev. 1878M86
    |--E. speculum Chev. 1874M86
    |--E. tasmaniae Chev. 1874M86
    |--E. venustula Chev. 1878M86
    |--E. viridicollis Macleay 1872M86
    `--E. viridisM86

*Type species of generic name indicated


[M86] Masters, G. 1886. Catalogue of the described Coleoptera of Australia. Part IV. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 1 (2): 259–380.

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