Upland bully Gobiomorphus breviceps, copyright Stella McQ.

Belongs within: Gobiomorpharia.
Contains: Hypseleotris, Eleotris.

The Eleotridae, sleepers, are a clade of often relatively large gobies supported by molecular data.

<==Eleotridae [Eleotrididae, Eleotroidei]
    |--Austrolethops Whitley 1935 [Austrolethopinae]S58
    |    `--*A. wardi Whitley 1935S58
    |    |--Eleotrica Ginsberg 1933S58
    |    |--Chriolepidops Smith 1958S58
    |    |    `--*C. nebulofasciatus Smith 1958S58
    |    |--Satulinus Smith 1958S58
    |    |    `--*S. zanzibarensis Smith 1958S58
    |    |--Dactyleleotris Smith 1958S58
    |    |    `--*D. tentaculatus Smith 1958S58
    |    |--Hetereleotris Bleeker 1874 [incl. Leioeleotris Fowler 1934, Riukiuia Fowler 1946]S58
    |    |    |--*H. diadematus (Ruppell 1828) [=Gobius diadematus, Eleotris diademata, Gobiosoma diadematum]S58
    |    |    |--H. kenyae Smith 1958S58
    |    |    |--‘Riukiuia’ poecila Fowler 1946S58
    |    |    `--H. zonatus (Fowler 1934) [=Leioeleotris zonatus]S58
    |    `--Lioteres Smith 1958S58
    |         |--L. (Lioteres)S58
    |         |    |--*L. (L.) caminatus Smith 1958S58
    |         |    `--L. (L.) vulgare (Klunzinger 1871)S58
    |         `--L. (Pseudolioteres Smith 1958)S58
    |              `--L. (*P.) simulans Smith 1958S58
         |  i. s.: Pogoneleotris microps Weber 1908MWW89, M58 [=Prionobutis micropsMWW89]
         |         Eviotops Smith 1956S58
         |           `--*E. infulatus Smith 1956S58
         |         Coryogalops Smith 1958S58
         |           `--*C. anomolus Smith 1958S58
         |         Mucogobius McCulloch 1912 [incl. Metagobius Whitley 1930]S58
         |           |--*M. mucosus (Gunther 1871) [=Gobius mucosus]S58
         |           |--M. bifasciatus Smith 1958S58
         |           |--M. flavobrunneus Smith 1958S58
         |           |--M. hasseltii Bleeker 1851S58
         |           |--M. insolita Whitley 1928S58
         |           `--M. liolepis (Koumans 1931)S58 [=Callogobius liolepisS58; incl. Macgregorella santa Herre 1931M58]
         |         Eleotriodes Bleeker 1858 (see below for synonymy)S58
         |           |--*E. sexguttatus (Valenciennes 1837)S58 (see below for synonymy)
         |           |--E. helsdingenii Bleeker 1858 [=Calleleotris helsdingenii]S58
         |           |--E. muralis Quoy & Gaimard in C & V 1837S58
         |           `--E. wardii Playfair 1866S58
         |         Cryptocentrops Smith 1958S58
         |           `--*C. exilis Smith 1958S58
         |         Pogonoculius Fowler 1938S58
         |           `--*P. zebra Fowler 1938S58
         |         Laccoeleotris Fowler 1935S58
         |           `--*L. lineopinnis Fowler 1935S58
         |         BatangaMWW89
         |         Krefftius Ogilby 1897O97
         |           `--*K. australis (Krefft 1864) [=Eleotris australis]O97
         |         Mulgoa Ogilby 1897O97
         |           `--*M. coxii (Krefft 1864) (see below for synonymy)O97
         |         Ophiorrhinus Ogilby 1897O97
         |           |--*O. grandiceps (Krefft 1864) [=Eleotris grandiceps]O97
         |           `--O. nudiceps (Castelnau 1873) [=Eleotris nudiceps, Philypnodon nudiceps]O97
         |         GymnobutisO97
         |           |--G. gymnocephalus (Steindachner 1867) [=Eleotris gymnocephalus]O97
         |           `--G. striatus Steindachner 1866O97
         |--+--Xenisthmus Snyder 1908T09, S58 [incl. Gignimentum Whitley 1933S58, Platycephalops Smith 1956S58; Xenisthmidae]
         |  |    |--*X. proriger Snyder 1908S58
         |  |    |--X. africanus Smith 1958S58
         |  |    |--X. clarus (Jordan & Seale 1905)MM09, S58 [=Hetereleotris claraS58]
         |  |    |--‘Gignimentum’ penicillum Whitley 1933S58
         |  |    `--X. polyzonatus (Klunzinger 1871) [=Eleotris polyzonatus]S58
         |  `--+--Ratsirakea legendreiT09
         |     |--Tateurndina ocellicauda Nichols 1955T09, M58
         |     `--+--OphieleotrisT09
         |        |    |--O. aporos (Bleeker 1854)T09, S58 (see below for synonymy)
         |        |    `--O. obscuraT90
         |        `--MogurndaT09
         |             |--M. adspersaT09
         |             |--M. australisG75
         |             |--M. bloodi Whitley 1956AC90a
         |             |--M. mogurnda (Richardson 1844) [=Eleotris mogurnda; incl. M. aurofodinae Whitley 1938]M58
         |             |--M. nesolepis (Weber 1908) [=Eleotris (Odonteleotris) nesolepis]AC90a
         |             |--M. oligolepis Allen & Jenkins 1999M10
         |             |--M. striataG75
         |             `--M. variegata Nichols 1951M58
            `--+--+--+--Microphilypnus ternetziT09
               |  |  `--LeptophilypnusT09
               |  |       |--L. fluviatilisT09
               |  |       `--L. panamensisT09
               |  `--+--GobiomorusT09
               |     |    |--G. maculatusT09
               |     |    `--+--G. dormitorT09
               |     |       `--Hemieleotris latifasciatusT09
               |     `--+--Guavina micropusT09
               |        `--DormitatorT09
               |             |--D. latifronsT09
               |             `--D. maculatusT09 [=Eleotris maculatusF16]
                  |  `--Calumia Smith 1958T09, S58
                  |       |--*C. biocellata Smith 1958S58
                  |       `--C. godfrayiT09
                     |    |--P. brevicepsS49
                     |    |--P. grandicepsT09
                     |    `--P. macrostomusT11
                     `--Gobiomorphus Gill 1863T09, H27
                          |  i. s.: G. basalisS49
                          |         G. cotidianusO81
                          |         G. huttoniH97
                          |         G. illotus Herre 1927H27
                          |--G. australisT09
                          `--+--G. coxiiT09
                             `--+--G. brevicepsT09
                                `--G. hubbsiT09
Eleotridae incertae sedis:
  Belobranchus Bleeker 1856H27
    `--B. belobranchus (Valenciennes 1837)M58 (see below for synonymy)
  Bunaka Herre 1927H27
    |--*B. pinguis Herre 1927H27
    |--B. gyrinoides (Bleeker 1853) [=Eleotris gyrinoides, Guavina gyrinoides]M58
    `--B. herwerdenii (Weber 1910) [=Eleotris herwerdenii, Oxyeleotris herwerdenii]M58
    |--F. cassandrae Nichols 1952M58
    `--F. diaphana Harry 1949M58
  Kimberleyeleotris Hoese & Allen 1987AC90b
    |--K. hutchinsiAL90
    `--K. notataAL90
  Grahamichthys radiataT11, H01
  Thalasseleotris [Thalasseleotrididae]T11
  Paloa Herre 1927H27
    `--*P. polylepis Herre 1927H27
  Parviparma Herre 1927H27
    `--*P. straminea Herre 1927H27
  Boroda Herre 1927H27
    |--*B. expatria Herre 1927H27
    `--B. albooculata Herre 1927H27

Belobranchus belobranchus (Valenciennes 1837)M58 [=Eleotris belobranchaM58; incl. B. quoyi Bleeker 1877H27, B. taeniopterus Bleeker 1856–1857H27, Eleotris taeniopteraH27]

Eleotriodes Bleeker 1858 [incl. Calleleotris Gill 1863, Gergobius Whitley 1930, Salarigobius Pfeffer 1893]S58

*Eleotriodes sexguttatus (Valenciennes 1837)S58 [=Eleotris sexguttatusS58, E. sexguttataS58; incl. E. lantzii Thominot 1878S58, Salarigobius stuhlmanni Pfeffer 1893S58, Valenciennea violifera MacCulloch & Ogilby 1919M58]

*Mulgoa coxii (Krefft 1864) [=Eleotris coxii; incl. E. mastersii Macleay 1881, E. richardsonii Steindachner 1866]O97

Ophieleotris aporos (Bleeker 1854)T09, S58 [=Eleotris aporosAC90a, Ophiocara aporosS58; incl. Ophiocara aporos var. guntheri Koumans 1937M58, Eleotris hoedtii Bleeker 1854M58, Ophiocara aporos hoedtiiM58, E. kuak Thiollière 1857M58, E. (Giurus) laglaizei Sauvage 1880H27, Ophiocara laglaiziJR10, Ophiocara aporos rigonis Whitley 1938M58]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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