Partial apparatus reconstruction for Ellisonia cf. triassica, from Koike et al. (2004).

Belongs within: Prioniodinidae.

The Ellisoniidae are a lineage of conodonts known from the Late Carboniferous to the Triassic (Sweet 1988).

Characters (from Sweet 1988): Skeletal apparatus sexi- or septimembrate, with morphologically conservative alate, digyrate, and bipennate ramiform elements in S and M positions, an extensiform digyrate element in Pa position, and another digyrate element in Pb position with processes reflected sharply downward and anteriorly.

    |--Stepanovites Kozur 1975AS93
    |--Furnishius Clark 1959S88
    |    `--*F. triserratus Clark 1959H62
    |--Sweetina Wardlaw & Collinson 1986S88
    |    |--S. festivaS88
    |    `--S. triticumS88
    |--+--Pachycladina Staesche 1964S88
    |  `--Hadrodontina Staesche 1964S88
    |       `--H. aequabilis Staesche 1964FP12
    |--Gladigondolella Müller 1962S88
    |    |--*G. tethydis (Huckriede 1958) [=Polygnathus tethydis]S88
    |    |--G. carinataS88
    |    `--G. meekiS88
    `--Ellisonia Müller 1956S88
         |--*E. triassicaS88
         |--E. conflexaS88
         |--E. excavataPD98
         |--E. gradataRR79
         |--E. latilaminata von Bitter & Merrill 1983AS93
         `--E. tribulosaRR79

*Type species of generic name indicated


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