Embidopsocus laticeps, copyright Graham Montgomery.

Belongs within: Nanopsocetae.
Contains: Belaphotroctes.

The Embidopsocinae include liposcelid barklice with an apical spur on the hind femur, and lack a boss on the anterior margin of the hind femur or t-shaped sclerite in the subgenital plate (Lienhard 1998). Members of this subfamily may be winged or apterous.

    |--Chaetotroctes Badonnel 1973YL10
    |    `--C. lenkoi Badonnel 1973YL10
    |--Embidopsocopsis Badonnel 1973YL10
    |    `--E. newi Badonnel 1973YL10
    |--+--Belapha Enderlein 1917YL10 [incl. SemnopsocusB55]
    |  |    |--B. globifer (Laing 1925)YL10
    |  |    `--B. schoutedeni Enderlein 1917B55
    |  |--+--Troctulus Badonnel 1955YL10
    |  |  |    `--*T. machadoi Badonnel 1955B55
    |  |  `--Belaphopsocus Badonnel 1955YL10 [=Belaphapsocus (l. c.)NL07]
    |  |       |--*B. vilhenai Badonnel 1955B55
    |  |       |--B. badonneli New 1971YL10
    |  |       |--B. dominicus Grimaldi & Engel 2006YL10
    |  |       `--B. murphyi Lienhard 1991YL10
    |  `--BelaphotroctesYL10
    `--Embidopsocus Hagen 1866YL10 (see below for synonymy)
         |  i. s.: E. antennalis Badonnel 1949YL10
         |         E. hainanicus Li 2002YL10
         |         E. intermedius Badonnel 1969YL10
         |         E. jikuni Li 2002YL10
         |         E. kumaonensis Badonnel 1981YL10
         |         E. lenah Schmidt & New 2008YL10
         |         E. leucomelas (Enderlein 1910)YL10 [=*Trigonosceliscus leucomelasNL07]
         |         E. mendax Badonnel 1973YL10
         |         E. minor (Pearman 1931)YL10 [=Stenotroctes minorL98]
         |         E. paradoxus (Enderlein 1905)YL10 [=*Embidotroctes paradoxusNL07]
         |         E. pilosus Badonnel 1973YL10
         |         E. porphyreus Li 2002YL10
         |         E. reticulatus Badonnnel 1972L02
         |         E. sacchari Mockford 1996YL10
         |         E. similis Badonnel 1973YL10
         |         E. trifasciatus Badonnel 1973YL10
         |         E. zhouyaoi Li 2002YL10
         |--Group IM93
         |    |  i. s.: E. ambiguus Badonnel 1955B55
         |    |--Subgroup AB55
         |    |    |--E. angolensis Badonnel 1955B55
         |    |    |--E. echinus Badonnel 1955B55
         |    |    `--E. granulosus Badonnel 1949B55, YL10
         |    `--Subgroup BM93
         |         |--*E. luteus Hagen 1866SN08, M74, SN08
         |         |--E. bousemani Mockford 1987M93
         |         |--E. brasiliensis Badonnel 1973M93, YL10
         |         |--E. cubanus Mockford 1987M93, YL10
         |         |--E. distinctus Badonnel 1955B55
         |         |--E. laticeps Mockford 1963M93
         |         |--E. machadoi Badonnel 1955B55
         |         |--E. mexicanus Mockford 1987M93
         |         |--E. pallidus Badonnel 1955B55
         |         |--E. pauliani Badonnel 1955B55
         |         |--E. vilhenai Badonnel 1955B55
         |         `--E. virgatus (Enderlein 1905)M93, YL10
         |--Group IIM93
         |    |--Subgroup AM93
         |    |    |--E. citrensis Mockford 1963M93
         |    |    |--E. congolensis Badonnel 1948B55
         |    |    |--E. flexuosus Badonnel 1962M93, YL10
         |    |    |--E. frater Badonnel 1973M93, YL10
         |    |    |--E. oleaginus (Hagen 1865)B55, YL10 [=Atropos oleaginaNL07, *Tropusia oleaginaNL07]
         |    |    `--E. thorntoni Badonnel 1971M93
         |    `--Subgroup BM93
         |         |--E. enderleini (Ribaga 1905)M93, YL10 (see below for synonymy)
         |         |--E. needhami (Enderlein 1903)M93 [=Troctes needhamiNL07, *Stenotroctes needhamiNL07]
         |         `--E. trichurensis Menon 1942M93, YL10
         `--Group IIINPA06
              |--E. eocenicus Nel, De Ploëg & Azar 2004NPA04
              |--E. femoralis (Badonnel 1931)NPA04 [=Stenotroctes femoralisM93]
              `--E. saxonicus Günther 1989NPA04

Embidopsocus Hagen 1866YL10 [=Embidopsoues (l. c.)L03; incl. Embidotroctes Enderlein 1905L98, Stenotroctes Enderlein 1905L98, Trigonosceliscus Enderlein 1910L98, Tropusia Hagen 1883L98]

Embidopsocus enderleini (Ribaga 1905)M93, YL10 [=Stenotroctes enderleiniL98; incl. Embidotroctes rectivenis Pearman 1925L98]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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