Generalised male of Entoniscidae, from S. J. Keable et al.

Belongs within: Cymothoida.
Contains: Bopyridae.

The Epicaridea are a group of isopods parasitic on other crustaceans. The females have slightly to greatly asymmetrical bodies, and both pairs of antennae are rudimentary (Menzies & Kruczynski 1983).

<==Epicaridea [Bopyrida, Epicarida]MD01
    |  i. s.: Microniscus [Microniscidae]MD01
    |    |--BopyridaeMD01
    |    |--DajidaeMD01
    |    `--EntoniscidaeMD01
    |         |--Portunion Giard & Bonnier 1886M56
    |         |    |--P. conformis Muscatine 1956M56
    |         |    |--P. flavidusM56
    |         |    |--P. kossmaniM56
    |         |    |--P. maenadisM56
    |         |    |--P. monieziiM56
    |         |    `--P. salvatorisM56
    |         `--Pinnotherion vermiformeM56
         |--Cabiropidae [Cabiropsidae]MD01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[MD01] Martin, J. W., & G. E. Davis. 2001. An updated classification of the Recent Crustacea. Natural History Museum Los Angeles County, Science Series 39: 1–124.

[M56] Muscatine, L. 1956. A new entoniscid (Crustacea: Isopoda) from the Pacific coast. Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 46 (4): 122–126.

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