Cattleya labiata, copyright Tarciso Leão.

Belongs within: Epidendroideae.

The Epidendreae are a group of orchids bearing pollinia fused with sticky caudicles.

<==Epidendreae [Epidendrinae, Laeliinae]
|–Appendicula FR99
|    |–A. hexandra FR99
|    `–A. reflexa P03
`–+–Agrostophyllum FR99
|    |–A. bicuspidatum P03
|    |–A. denbergeri P03
|    `–A. majus P03
`–+–Arpophyllum FR99
`–+–Epidendrum FR99
|    |–E. atropurpureum H04
|    `–E. nocturnum FS90
`–+–+–Schomburgkia FR99
|  `–+–Chysis FR99
|     `–Meiracyllium [Meiracylliinae] FR99
`–Cattleya FR99
|–C. ballantiniana H04
|–C. labiata H04
|–C. mendellii H04
`–C. rochellensis H04

Epidendreae incertae sedis:
Alamania A86
Artorima A86
Basiphyllaea A86
Brassavola A86
Broughtonia A86
Caularthron A86
Constantia A86
Dilomilis A86
Dimerandra A86
Diothonaea A86
Domingoa A86
Encyclia A86
Epidanthus A86
Hagsatera A86
Helleriella A86
Hexisea A86
Homalopetalum A86
Isabelia Barbosa-Rodrigues 1877 A86, FT93
Jacquiniella A86
Loefgrenianthus A86
Nageliella A86
Neocogniauxia A86
Neowilliamsia A86
Nidema A86
Oerstedella A86
Orleanesia A86
Pinelia A86
Platyglottis A86
Pseudolaelia A86
Quisqueya A86
Reichenbachanthus A86
Rhyncholaelia A86
Scaphyglottis A86
Sophronitis A86
Tetramicra A86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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