Mexican bean beetle Epilachna varivestis, copyright Judy Gallagher.

Belongs within: Coccinellidae.

Epilachna is a cosmopolitan genus of larger, hairy ladybird beetles, all species of which are herbivorous.

Characters (from Ślipiński 2007): Length 5–10 mm. Head exposed; body oval and distinctly convex; winged; dorsum uniformly hairy. Elytra yellow to black, usually with distinct colour pattern. Eyes broadly separated, not emarginate. Antenna ten- or eleven-segmented; slightly shorter than head capsule; antennal club three-segmented, asymmetrical; antennal insertions distinct on frons. Mandible multidentate apically; terminal maxillary palpomere strongly securiform; mentum trapezoidal, narrowing anteriorly. Pronotal disc evenly convex to narrowly upturned external borders. Prothoracic hypomeron without fovea near anterior angles; prosternum long in front of coxae, arcuate; prosternal process narrow without distinct carinae. Anterior margin of mesoventrite weakly emarginate medially. Elytral epipleuron complete, not foveate. Protibia not angulate externally. Tibial spur formula 1-2-2; claws slit with additional basal tooth. Abdominal procoxal line recurved and almost complete.

<==Epilachna Chevrolat in Dejean 1836S07 (see below for synonymy)
|--*E. borealis (Fabricius 1775) [=Coccinella borealis]S07
|--E. boisduvali Mulsant 1850 (see below for synonymy)S07
|--E. canina [incl. E. dregei]G01
|--E. chrysomelina [=Coccinella chrysomelina; incl. C. bifasciata]G01
|--E. corruptaWZ10
|--E. cupicolaG01
|--E. dawkinsi Li 1993S07
|--‘Coccinella’ flavicollis Thunberg 1781 [=*Afissa flavicollis]S07
|--E. galerucinoides Korschefsky 1934 [=E. (Solanophila) galerucinoides]S07
|--E. godartiG01
|--E. guttatopustulata (Fabricius 1775) (see below for synonymy)S07
|--E. hirta [incl. E. insidiosa]G01
|--E. infirmaG01
|--E. mexicana (Guérin-Méneville 1844)B14
|--E. mjoebergi Weise 1923 [=Henosepilachna mjoebergi]S07
|--E. nativitatis Arrow 1900 [=Henosepilachna nativitatis]JG19
|--E. paykulliG01
|--E. punctipennisG01
|--E. pustulosaTS01
|--‘Henosepilachna’ signatipennisB88
|--E. suffusa Crotch 1874 [=Henosepilachna suffusa; incl. E. terraereginae Blackburn 1895]S07
|--E. sumbana Bielawski 1959 [incl. E. cucurbitae Richards 1983, Henosepilachna cucurbitae]S07
|--E. tredecimnotataV02
|--E. urvillei Mountrouzier 1861 (see below for synonymy)S07
|--E. varivestisB14
|--E. vigintioctopunctata (Fabricius 1775)S07 (see below for synonymy)
`--E. vigintisexpunctata (Boisduval 1835) (see below for synonymy)S07

Epilachna Chevrolat in Dejean 1836S07 [incl. Afissa Dieke 1947S07, Henosepilachna Li in Li & Cook 1961S07, Solanophila Weise 1898V02]

Epilachna boisduvali Mulsant 1850 [=Henosepilachna boisduvali; incl. E. montrouzieri var. fijiensis Crotch 1874, E. montrouzieri Fauvel 1862, E. boisduvali samoana Dieke 1947]S07

Epilachna guttatopustulata (Fabricius 1775) [=Coccinella guttatopustulata, Henosepilachna guttatopustulata; incl. Epilachna pandora Mulsant 1853, E. guttatopustulata var. tasmanica Crotch 1874, Coccinella tricincta Montrouzier 1855]S07

Epilachna urvillei Mountrouzier 1861 [=Henosepilachna urvillei; incl. E. moultoni manusensis Korschefsky 1933, E. moultoni Crotch 1874]S07

Epilachna vigintioctopunctata (Fabricius 1775)S07 [=Coccinella vigintioctopunctataS07, Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctataS07; incl. Epilachna gradaria Mulsant 1850S07, Coccinella pardalis Boisduval 1835S07, E. vigintioctopunctata pardalisB88, C. sparsa Herbst 1786S07, *Henosepilachna sparsaS07, Epilachna territa Mulsant 1850S07, Coccinella undecimvariolata Boisduval 1835S07, E. undecimvariolataS07]

Epilachna vigintisexpunctata (Boisduval 1835) [=Coccinella vigintisexpunctata, E. sparsa vigintisexpunctata, Henosepilachna vigintisexpunctata; incl. E. philippinensis australica Dieke 1947, Coccinella doryca Boisduval 1835, E. philippinensis Dieke 1947]S07

*Type species of generic name indicated


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