Auroropsocus conoidalis, from Li (2002, vol. 2).

Belongs within: Psocomorpha.
Contains: Epipsocidae.

The Epipsocetae are a group of barklice characterised by a relatively long head with a pair of longitudinal sclerotised ridges present on the inner side of the labrum (New & Lienhard 2007).

Characters (from New & Lienhard 2007): Head long and vertical, genae long. Labrum with two longitudinal ridges on inner side, often converging anteriorly and fused to anterior margin. Labial palpi short; apex of lacinia often broadened with several teeth. Tarsi two- or three-segment, claws with subapical tooth. Usually macropterous, more rarely brachypterous or apterous; fore wing with areola postica present, free; fore wing veins Rs and M usually joined by long crossvein; veins usually setose. Female with gonapophyses reduced.

<==Epipsocetae [Cladiopsocidae, Epipsocoidea, Ptiloneuroidea]
| i. s.: Parepipsocus Badonnel 1986B86
| `--*P. obscurus Badonnel 1986B86
| Neurostigma [Neurostigmatidae, Neurostigmatinae]NL07
| |--N. dispositumGA04
| |--N. furcivenula Badonnel 1986B86
| `--N. roesleriB86
|--Spurostigma [Spurostigmatidae, Spurostigmidae]Y02
| |--*S. dominicaNL07
| |--S. cuba Eertmoed 1973M74
| `--S. epiroticaY02
| |--Ptiloneura splendidaY02
| |--Loneura Navás 1927M93
| | |--*L. crenataM93
| | `--L. ocotensis García Aldrete 1997GA04
| `--TriplocaniaY02
| |--T. africana Badonnel 1955B55
| `--T. spinosaY02
| |--*C. ramulosus [=Dendroneura ramulosa]NL07
| |--C. clarusGA96
| |--C. garciai Eertmoed 1986GA96
| `--C. ocotensis García Aldrete 1996GA96
|--Isthmopsocus imperfectus Badonnel 1986B86
|--Dimidistriata Li & Mockford 1997NL07, L02 [=Dimidistriatus (l. c.)L03]
| `--*D. longicapita Li & Mockford 1997L02 [=Dimidistriatus longicapitus (l. c.)L03]
| |--D. ecuadorensisB86
| |--D. incertus Badonnel 1986B86
| `--D. roseusY02
`--Auroropsocus Eertmoed 1973L02
|--*A. orientis Eertmoed 1973NL07
|--A. conoidalis Li 2002 [=A. conoidealis]L02
|--A. cyclocarpus Li 2002L02
|--A. flavidus Li 2002L02
|--A. fumeus Li 2002L02
|--A. setosus Li 2002L02
|--A. spatiosifurcatus Li 2002L02
`--A. strenus Li 2002L02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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