Bertkauia crosbyana, copyright Tom Murray.

Belongs within: Epipsocetae.
Contains: Epipsocus.

The Epipsocidae are a group of bark-lice characterised by the presence of a pair of sclerotised ridges running the length of the labrum. Subfamilies have been recognised on the basis of fore wing venation, with species of Gojinae having more than three branches each in veins Rs and M whereas Epipsocinae have two branches to Rs and three to M (Li 2002). However, the significance of this distinction is questionable (New & Lienhard 2007). Indeed, the genera Cubitiglabra and Heteroepipsocus, placed by Li (2002) in separate subfamilies, are very similar in all regards other than venation (New & Lienhard 2007).

Characters (from New & Lienhard 2007): Fore wing length usually 2.5–5.7 mm. Head elongate. Labrum with two sclerotised rods/ridges running entire length of labrum, reaching sides of labrum anteriorly and joined, if at all, by only a weakly sclerotised anterior connection. Antennal scape membranous over much of ventral surface. Tarsi 2-segmented, claws with or without subapical tooth. Anterior and hind femora sometimes with row of cones at bases of setae. Macropterous or brachypterous, females rarely apterous. Fore wing pterostigma without crossveins; areola postica free; macropterous individuals with one anal vein in fore wing. Female with ventral gonapophysis valve present or absent; external valve reduced, represented as small swelling or setal field on dorsal valve.

    |  i. s.: Mesepipsocus mobilis (Hagen 1861) (see below for synonymy)M74
    |    |--GojaNL07
    |    `--Cubitiglabra Li 1995L03, L02 [=Cubitiglabrus (l. c.)L03, Cubitiglatrus (l. c.)L03]
    |         |--*C. quadripunctatus Li 1995L02
    |         |--C. dayaoshanana Li 2002 [=Cubitiglabrus (l. c.) dayaoshananus]L03
    |         `--C. polyphlebius Li 1995L02
         |--Liratepipsocus Li 2002L02
         |    `--*L. jinghongicus Li 2002L02
         |--Metepipsocus Li 2002L02
         |    `--*M. beijingicus Li 2002L02
         |--Valvepipsocus Li 2002L02 [=ValviepipsocusL03]
         |    `--*V. diodematus Li 2002L03
         |--Hinduipsocus Badonnel 1981L02
         |    |--*H. annulipes Badonnel 1981L02
         |    `--H. hongkongensis Li & Mockford 1997L02
         |--Dichoepipsocus Li & Mockford 1997L02
         |    |--*D. micropterus Li & Mockford 1997L02
         |    `--D. dictyodromus Li 2002L02
         |--Spordoepipsocus Li 2002L02
         |    |--*S. perforatus Li 2002L02
         |    |--S. formosus (Li 1992) [=Epipsocus formosus]L02
         |    `--S. imperforatus Li 2002L02
         |    |--*D. montanus Smithers & Thornton 1977NL07
         |    |--D. complexus Smithers & Thornton 1977NL07
         |    `--D. rugosus Smithers & Thornton 1977NL07
         |--Heteroepipsocus Li 1995L02
         |    |--*H. longicellus Li 1995L02
         |    |--H. brevicellus Li 1995L02
         |    |--H. inornatus (Banks 1916) [=Epipsocus inornatus]NL07
         |    `--H. maculatus Li 2002L02
         |--Bertkauia Kolbe 1882L02 [=Bertkallis (l. c.)L03; incl. Lapithes Bertkau 1883L02]
         |    |--B. lucifuga (Rambur 1842)L98 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--B. crosbyana Chapman 1930 [=Epipsocus crosbyanus]M93
         |    |--B. lepicidinaria Chapman 1930 [=Epipsocus lepicidinarius]M93
         |    |--B. loebliM03
         |    |--B. marusiki Mockford 2003M03
         |    |--B. minuscula Mockford 2003M03
         |    |--B. remyiM03
         |    `--B. reticularis Li & Mockford 1997L02
         `--Epipsocopsis Badonnel 1955L02 [incl. Epipsocidus Badonnel 1955NL07, B55]
              |--*E. machadoi Badonnel 1955L02
              |--E. angolensis (Badonnel 1955)NL07, B55 [=Epipsocus (*Epipsocidus) angolensisNL07]
              |--E. apicalis New & Thornton 1976NL07
              |--E. basalis New & Thornton 1976NL07
              |--E. cameronensis New & Lee 1991NL07
              |--E. completa (Banks 1916)NL07
              |--E. corollifer Li 2002L02
              |--E. costalis (Banks 1914)NL07
              |--E. dubia (Karny 1925)NL07
              |--E. fasciata Smithers & Thornton 1977NL07
              |--E. fumipennis (Banks 1920)NL07
              |--E. hyalina (Banks 1920)NL07
              |--E. longiceps (Enderlein 1926)NL07
              |--E. maclurei New & Thornton 1976NL07
              |--E. macrostigma Smithers & Thornton 1977NL07
              |--E. maculata New & Thornton 1976NL07
              |--E. magna (New & Thornton 1976)NL07
              |--E. mouldsi Smithers 1976NL07
              |--E. murca (Enderlein 1903)NL07
              |--E. murphyi New & Thornton 1976NL07
              |--E. nebulifera Smithers & Thornton 1977NL07
              |--E. nubilipennis (Karny 1925)NL07
              |--E. paraselena Vaughan, Thorton & New 1989NL07
              |--E. peradenayense New 1977L02
              |--E. prominens (Banks 1937)NL07
              |--E. punctata Smithers & Thornton 1977NL07
              |--E. sclerota New & Thornton 1976NL07
              |--E. selena New & Thornton 1976NL07
              |--E. serpentinus Li 2002L02
              |--E. setosa New & Thornton 1976NL07
              |--E. singaporensis New & Thornton 1976NL07
              |--E. thailandensis New 1973NL07
              `--E. vilhenai Badonnel 1955B55

Bertkauia lucifuga (Rambur 1842)L98 [=Psocus lucifugusL98, Epipsocus lucifugusL98; incl. *Bertkauia prisca Kolbe 1882NL07, L98, Lapithes pulicarius Bertkau 1883L98]

Mesepipsocus mobilis (Hagen 1861) [=Psocus mobilis, Caecilius mobilis, Epipsocus mobilis, Psocidus mobilis; incl. Mesepipsocus grassei Badonnel 1969]M74

*Type species of generic name indicated


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