Epipsocus sp., copyright Ken Allen.

Belongs within: Epipsocidae.

Epipsocus is a genus of epipsocid barklice in which the outer cusp of the lacinial apex is broadened and denticulate, and females have the ventral gonapophysis valve present (New & Lienhard 2007).

<==Epipsocus Hagen 1866 L02
|–*E. ‘ciliatus’ (Hagen 1856) G74 [=Psocus ciliatus non Latreille 1795 L02]
|–E. antillanus M74
|–E. aviceps Badonnel 1986 B86
|–E. brasilianus M74
|–E. brevistigma M74
|–E. brunellus M74
|–E. euryocephalus Li 2002 L02
|–E. icarus M74
|–E. loebli Bodonnel 1981 L02
|–E. marginatus Enderlein 1903 NL07
|–E. murcus Enderlein 1903 B55
|–E. nebulosus B86
|–E. obscurus M74
|–E. ornatus Mockford 1974 M74
|–E. pinnatus (Enderlein 1926) NL07
|–E. plaumanni B86
|–E. rhabdolepis Li 2002 L02
|–E. roesleri M74
|–E. roncodarensis M74
|–E. scotothoracalis Li 2002 L02
|–E. sinuatus M74
|–E. spatulatus Li 2002 L02
|–E. stictus Li 2002 L02
|–E. taitubai M74
|–E. viiv (Enderlein 1926) NL07
`–E. xanthothoracalis Li 2002 L02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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