Rough horsetail Equisetum hyemale, copyright Liné1.

Belongs within: Monilophyta.
Contains: Equisetum.

The Equisetopsida includes the modern horsetails, Equisetum, and their fossil relatives. Members of this group have whorled leaves, and most have a eustele stem structure with a hollow pith surrounded by vascular bundles (Doyle 1998).

Equisetopsida [Equisetophyta, Sphenophyta, Sphenophytae, Sphenopsida]
| i. s.: Equisetires keuperianaW70
|--Pseudobornia [Pseudoborniaceae, Pseudoborniales]C93
| `--P. ursina Nathorst 1902C93
|--Bowmanitales [Sphenophyllales]C93
| |--Eviostachya [Eviostachyaceae]C93
| | `--E. hoegii Stockmans 1948C93
| |--Cheirostrobus [Cheirostrobaceae]C93
| | `--C. pettycurensis Scott 1898C93
| `--BowmanitaceaeC93
| |--BowmanitesC93
| | |--B. simonii Remy 1961C93
| | `--B. tumbana Remy & Spassov 1959C93
| `--Sphenophyllum Brongniart 1822C93, SP12
| |--S. angustifoliumG31
| |--S. antiquumA38
| |--S. cuneifoliumA38
| |--S. emarginatumG31
| |--S. erosumG31
| |--S. macrophyllumG31
| |--S. majusG31
| |--S. oblongifoliumG31
| |--S. saxifragaefoliumG31
| |--S. schlotheimiG31
| |--S. sinocoreanumC93
| |--S. speciosaG31
| |--S. subtenerrimum Nathorst 1920C93
| `--S. thoniiG31
| i. s.: CalamitesD98
| |--C. cistiiG31
| |--C. gigasG31
| |--C. kutorgaeG31
| `--C. suckowiG31
|--Gondwanostachys [Gondwanostachyaceae]C93
| `--G. australis (Brongniart) Meyen 1969C93
| |--Archaeocalamites radiatusD98, F71 [=Calamites radiatusF71]
| `--Protocalamostachys pettycurensis Chaphekar 1963C93
|--Calamostachys [Calamostachyaceae, Calamostachyales]C93
| |--C. dumasii (Zeiller) Jongmans 1911C93
| |--C. germanicaG31
| |--C. grandeuryi (Renault) Jongmans 1911C93
| `--C. polystachya (Sternberg) Weiss 1876)C93
| |--EquisetumCD07
| |--Neocalamostachys pedunculatus Kon’no 1962C93
| `--NeocalamitesC93
| |--N. fukienensisG31
| |--N. haerensisG31
| |--N. merianiG31
| |--N. nathorstiHH09
| `--N. superpermicus Kon’no 1973C93
| |--EchinostachysC93
| | |--E. cylindrica Schimper & Mougeot 1844C93
| | `--E. oblonga Brongniart 1828C93
| `--SchizoneuraC93
| |--S. australis Etheridge 1893F71
| |--S. carrereiG31
| |--S. heianensisG31
| `--S. paradoxa Schimper & Mougeot 1844C93
|--Tchernovia ungensis Gorelova 1962C93
|--Sendersonia matura Meyen & Menshikova 1983C93
|--P. australisF71
|--P. deliquescensC93
|--P. equisetoidesG31
|--P. robustaF71
`--P. wonthaggiensis [=Equisetites wonthaggiensis]KDD98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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