African lovegrass Eragrostis curvula, copyright Trap Hers.

Belongs within: Chloridoideae.
Contains: Eragrostis series Megastachyae.

Eragrostis, lovegrasses, is a genus of often glandular grasses found in tropical and warm temperate regions of the world (Hickman 1993).

Characters (from Hickman 1993): Annual or perennial, often glandular; glands often wart-like, circular, pitted. Leaf with sheath margin hairy on sides just below collar; ligules ciliate. Inflorescence generally panicle-like, open or dense, sometimes spike-like, often glandular. Spikelet laterally compressed; glumes more or less unequal, acute or acuminate, 1(3)-veined; florets 3–many, axis breaking above glumes and between florets (or persistent with glumes and lemmas deciduous, paleas remaining attached or not); lemma keeled or rounded, acute or obtuse, 3-veined, veins generally obvious; palea more or less equal to lemma. Fruit lens-shaped or elliptic, sometimes grooved, generally red-brown.

    |--E. sect. CataclastosG52
    |    |--E. japonica (Thunb.) Trin. 1831G52 [incl. E. tenellaG52, Poa tenellaB78, E. interrupta var. tenuissimaG52]
    |    `--E. kennedyae Turner 1894G52
    |--E. sect. ChaunostachyaB78
    |    |--E. leptostachya [=Poa leptostachya]B78
    |    |--E. megalospermaB78
    |    `--E. nigraB78
    |         |--E. n. var. nigraB78
    |         `--E. n. var. trachycarpaB78
    |--E. sect. CylindrostachyaB78
    |    `--E. stenostachya [=Poa stenostachya]B78
    |         |--E. s. var. stenostachyaB78
    |         `--E. s. var. floribundaB78
    `--E. sect. PteroessaG52
         |--E. ser. LeptostachyaeG52
         |    |--E. australasica (Steud.) Hubb. 1941G52 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--E. brownii (Kunth) Nees 1841G52 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |    |--E. b. var. browniiB78
         |    |    `--E. b. var. patensB78
         |    |--E. curvulaG52 [incl. E. chloromelasMS98]
         |    |--E. leptocarpa Benth. 1878G52
         |    `--E. parviflora (Br.) Trin. 1831G52 (see below for synonymy)
         |         |--E. p. var. parvifloraS06
         |         `--E. ‘pilosa’ var. delicatulaS06
         `--E. ser. MegastachyaeG52
Eragrostis incertae sedis:
  E. aristataCV06
  E. asperaP03
  E. atrovirensS06
  E. barrelieriMS98
  E. benthamiiMLP09
  E. brachyphyllaP03
  E. capensisGPWG01
  E. capillaris [=Poa capillaris, E. pilosa var. capillaris]S06
  E. ciliarisPP07
  E. coarctataP03
  E. cumingiiLK14
  E. exiguaLK14
  E. eximiaB78
  E. fallaxLK14
  E. ferrugineaMH98
  E. filicaulisLK14
  E. flaccida Lindman 1900S06
  E. frankiiMS98
  E. gangeticaS03
  E. hypnoidesH93
  E. kingesiiCV06
  E. lehmannianaMS98
  E. leptophyllaMK08
  E. lugensS06
  E. lutescensH93
  E. mexicana [=Poa mexicana]S06
    |--E. m. ssp. mexicana [incl. E. neomexicana]H93
    `--E. m. ssp. virescens (Presl) Koch & Vega 1985H93, MS98 (see below for synonymy)
         |--E. m. ssp. v. var. virescensS06
         |--E. ‘virescens’ var. major Hackel in Stuckert 1906S06
         `--E. ‘virescens’ var. trachyphylla Hackel in Stuckert 1906S06
  E. minor [incl. E. poaeoides]H93
  E. mucronataK90
  E. multicaulisMS98
  E. neesii Trin. 1831S06
  E. nigricans (H. B. K.) Steud. 1855 [=Poa nigricans, Megastachya nigricans Roem. & Schult. 1815]S06
  E. omahekensisCV06
  E. pectinacea [incl. E. purshii]V72
    |--E. p. var. pectinacea [incl. E. diffusa]H93
    `--E. p. var. miserrima [incl. E. arida, E. tephrosanthos]H93
  E. pergracilisKM08
  E. petraeaLK14
  E. plumosaB78 [incl. E. amabilisLK14, Poa amabilisB78]
  ‘Poa’ porranthaB78
  E. potamophilaLK14
  E. pygmaeaCV06
  E. retinensS06
  E. rigidiusculaLK14
  E. sabinaeCV06
  E. scopelophilaCV06
  E. spartinoidesLK14
  E. spectabilisV72
    |--E. s. var. spectabilisV72
    `--E. s. var. sparsihirsutaV72
  E. stenothyrsaCV06
  E. tefMS98
  E. tenellulaLK14
  E. tenuifoliaS03
  E. viscosaPP07
  E. walteriGPWG01

Eragrostis australasica (Steud.) Hubb. 1941G52 [=Glyceria australasicaG52; incl. Poa ramigera Muell. 1855G52, B78, G. ramigeraB78]

Eragrostis brownii (Kunth) Nees 1841G52 [=Poa browniiB78; incl. Megastachya polymorphaB78, P. polymorphaB78, Eragrostis pubescensB78, P. pubescensB78, E. urvilleiB78, E. zeylanicaB78]

Eragrostis mexicana ssp. virescens (Presl) Koch & Vega 1985H93, MS98 [=Poa virescensS06, E. virescens (Kunth) Presl 1830S06; incl. E. orcuttianaH93]

Eragrostis parviflora (Br.) Trin. 1831G52 [=Poa parvifloraB78; incl. E. pellucidaG52, Poa pellucidaB78, E. pilosaG52, Poa pilosaB78, P. verticillataB78]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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