Eriachne aristidea, copyright Mark Marathon.

Belongs within: Poaceae.

The Eriachneae are an Indo-Australian group of grasses bearing bisexual florets and hairy lemmas. They include the genera Eriachne and Pheidochloa, with glumes being more or less equal in length in Eriachne but with the upper glume being twice the length of the lower in Pheidochloa.

Characters (from Flora of China): Annuals or perennials. Leaf blades narrow; ligule a line of hairs. Inflorescence a terminal panicle. Spikelets all alike, slightly laterally compressed, florets 2 without a rachilla extension, disarticulating below each floret; glumes persistent, membranous to papery, of variable length, (1–)7–14-veined, acute to acuminate; florets similar, both fertile, dorsally compressed, narrowly elliptic; lemmas leathery to crustaceous or sometimes cartilaginous, (3–)5–9-veined, hairy, margins inrolled and clasping palea keels, apex entire, awnless or with a straight or curved awn. Caryopsis ellipsoid to linear. Leaf anatomy Kranz PS type; microhairs slender or stout. x = (9), 10, 12.

|--Pheidochloa gracilisGPWG01, LK14
|--E. agrostideaB78
|--E. aristidea Muell. 1866G52
|--E. armittiiB78
|--E. avenacea [=Aira avenacea]B78
|--E. benthamii Hartley 1942G52
|--E. burkittiiLK14
|--E. capillaris [incl. Aira hispida]B78
|--E. ciliata Br. 1810G52 [=Aira ciliataB78]
|--E. dominii Hartley 1942G52
|--E. fastigiataLK14
|--E. festucacea Muell. 1866G52
|--E. filiformisLK14
|--E. flaccida Hartley 1942G52
|--E. gardneri Hartley 1942G52
|--E. glandulosaLK14
|--E. glauca Br. 1810G52 [incl. Aira laevisB78]
| |--E. g. var. glaucaLK14
| `--E. g. var. barbinodisLK14
|--E. helmsii Hartley 1942G52
|--E. majorLK14
|--E. melicacea Muell. 1866G52
|--E. minutaLK14
|--E. mucronata Br. 1810G52 [=Aira mucronataB78; incl. E. brevifoliaB78]
| |--E. m. var. mucronataG52
| `--E. m. var. desertorum Gardner 1952G52
|--E. nodosaLK14
|--E. obtusa Br. 1810G52
|--E. ovata Nees 1843G52 [incl. E. preissianaB78]
| |--E. o. var. ovataB78
| |--E. o. var. pallida non E. pallidaB78
| `--E. o. var. villosaB78
|--E. pallescens [incl. E. chinensis, Aira effusa]B78
|--E. pallidaB78
|--E. pauciflora Fitzg. 1918G52
|--E. pulchella Domin 1911G52
|--E. rara [=Aira rara]B78
|--E. scleranthoidesB78
| |--E. s. var. scleranthoidesB78
| `--E. s. var. elongataB78
|--E. setaceaB78
|--E. squarrosa [=Aira squarrosa]B78
|--E. stipaceaB78
| |--E. s. var. stipaceaB78
| `--E. s. var. schultzianaB78
|--E. sulcata Hartley 1942G52
|--E. tenuiculmis Hartley 1942G52
|--E. triodioidesGPWG01
`--E. trisetaGPWG01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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