European hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus, copyright Jörg Hempel.

Belongs within: Erinaceidae.

The Erinaceinae, hedgehogs, are Old World insectivores in which hairs on the dorsum (of living species, at least) have become modified into stiff spines.

    |--Scymnerix Lopatin 2003 [Scymnericini]L03
    |    `--*S. tartareus Lopatin 2003L03
    |    |--Palaeoscaptor Matthew & Granger 1924L03, V67
    |    |    `--P. acridens Matthew & Granger 1924L03
    |    |--Dimylechinus Hürzeler 1944L03, V67
    |    |    `--D. bernoulliiL03
    |    `--Amphechinus Aymard 1850 [incl. Palaeoerinaceus Filhol 1879, Parvericius Koerner 1940]V67
    |         |--A. edwardsiM60
    |         |--A. gigas Lopatin 2002L03
    |         |--‘Palaeoerinaceus’ intermediusA05
    |         |--A. kansuensis Bohlin 1942L03
    |         |--A. marslandensis (Meade 1941) [=Metechinus marslandensis]V67
    |         |--A. minimus Bohlin 1942L03
    |         |--A. montanus (Koerner 1940) [=Parvericius montanus]V67
    |         |--A. rusingensis Butler 1956Bu78
    |         `--A. rectus (Matthew & Granger 1924)L03
         |  i. s.: Protechinus Lavocat 1961V67
         |           `--P. salis Lavocat 1961Bu78
         |         Mioechinus Butler 1948V67
         |           `--M. oeningensisBu78
         |         Postpalerinaceus Crusafont-Pairó & Villalta-Comella 1948V67
         |           `--P. vireti Crusafont & Villalta 1948Bu78
         |         Gymnurechinus Butler 1965V67
         |           |--G. camptolophus Butler 1956Bu78
         |           |--G. leakeyi Butler 1956Bu78
         |           `--G. songhorensis Butler 1956Bu78
         |--+--Mesechinus Ognev 1951FS15, V67
         |  |    |--M. dauuricusFS15
         |  |    `--M. hughiFS15
         |  `--Hemiechinus Fitzinger 1866FS15, V67 [incl. Ericius Sundevall 1842V67, Erinaceolus Ognev 1928V67]
         |       |--H. aethiopicusIT07
         |       |--H. auritusV02
         |       |--H. collarisFS15
         |       |--H. hypomelasIT07
         |       |--H. megalotisGM71
         |       |--H. micropusIT07
         |       `--H. nudiventrisIT07
         `--+--Paraechinus Trouessart 1879FS15, V67 [incl. Macroechinus Satunin 1907V67]
            |    |--P. hypomelasFS15
            |    `--+--P. aethiopicusFS15
            |       `--+--P. micropusFS15
            |          `--P. nudiventrisFS15
            `--+--Atelerix Pomel 1848FS15, V67
               |   |  i. s.: A. broomi (Broom 1937) [=Erinaceus (Atelerix) broomi; incl. Atelerix major Broom 1937]Bu78
               |   |--A. frontalisFS15 [=Erinaceus frontalisBi78]
               |   `--+--A. algirusFS15 [=Aethechinus algirusJP84, Erinaceus (Atelerix) algirusBu78]
               |      `--+--A. albiventris (Wagner 1841)FS15, K92 (see below for synonymy)
               |         `--A. sclateriFS15 [=Erinaceus (Atelerix) sclateriBu78]
               `--Erinaceus Linnaeus 1758FS15, P04 (see below for synonymy)
                    |  i. s.: E. aethiopicusAW01
                    |         E. auritusC01
                    |         E. desertiAW01
                    |         E. dorsalis Anderson & Winton 1901AW01
                    |         E. macrocanthusAW01
                    |         E. megalotisA56
                    |         E. mumbyanusB-H00
                    |         E. sansaniensisBu78
                    |--+--*E. europaeus Linnaeus 1758L58, FS15, K92
                    |  |    |--E. e. europaeusB-H00 [incl. E. erinaceus occidentalis Barrett-Hamilton 1900L00, B-H00]
                    |  |    |--E. e. consolei Barrett-Hamilton 1900B-H00
                    |  |    |--E. e. dealbatus Swinhoe 1870B-H00
                    |  |    |--E. e. hispanicus Barrett-Hamilton 1900B-H00
                    |  |    |--E. e. italicus Barrett-Hamilton 1900B-H00
                    |  |    `--E. e. sibiricus Erxleben 1777B-H00
                    |  `--E. amurensis v. Schrenck 1858FS15, B-H00 [=E. europaeus amurensisB-H00]
                    `--+--E. concolor Martin 1837FS15, B-H00 [=E. europaeus concolorB-H00]
                       `--E. roumanicus Barrett-Hamilton 1900FS15, B-H00 [=E. europaeus roumanicusB-H00]

Erinaceus Linnaeus 1758FS15, P04 [incl. Aethechinus Thomas 1918V67, Herinaceus Mina-Palumbo 1868V67, Peroechinus Fitzinger 1866V67, Setiger Geoffroy Saint Hilaire 1803 non Cuvier 1800V67]

Atelerix albiventris (Wagner 1841)FS15, K92 [=Erinaceus albiventrisBu78; incl. E. albiventris atratus Rhoads 1896AS86, E. hindei Thomas 1910AS86, E. sotikae Heller 1910AS86]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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